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Another day off…

…and another double day.

Similar bike set to Tuesday (10 min spinning 104+, 2 min Easy, 2 x 10 min HIM pace w& 3 min Easy between followed by 6min as :30/:30 Steady/Hard)

Then off to swimming for a short but difficult set. Two main sets: 9×100 on 1:50 (all 1:30 or better). 10x 50 max on 1:30 (all 50s under :40)

Tired and a little sore.

I’ll probably head to the track tomorrow with the Asics Piranha’s and give them another go. I’ll do the MAF test most likely.

I think I’ve decided what I want to aim for next year; I came up with it during the first main set tonight: Winning Stockholm Triathlon 40-44 AG. Now, it’s out there!