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Row Spin

I did a gym session today instead of running – I didn’t feel like running but felt like doing something. I did 10k on the C2 followed by 35 hard minutes on the spinning bike. For the rowing I started very slow and built as I progressed. My 2000m splits were 8:32, 8:25, 8:18, 8:16, 8:08.

For my spinning set I did 5 min w/u, 2x (3 min mod-hard, 2 min recovery), 6 min mod-hard, 2 min rec, 12 min hard.

I’m hoping for a long run tomorrow – let’s see if it is possible.

Back on the Concept2

I will be running the Ursvik Xtreme tomorrow so did not want to run tonight. I also did not want to rest, so I did a relatively easy 60 minutes on the Concept2: av. HR: 148, Dist: 14350m, av. Power: 173W. I set a cap of 150 bpm that I only crossed a a couple of times – I don’t think I ever went over 151 bpm! By far the most controlled I have been on the rower.

I realise that this, along with last night’s cycle, is not the best preparation for a very tough 15km run tomorrow, but the fact is it is not one of my goals, so it gets no special treatment. I still intend to run all out, and also hope to run pretty well: 66:15  is 4:25/km – I’d be pretty happy with that!

Day after…

I’ve been wondering since I wrote yesterday’s small entry: was it a good idea to run or should I have taken a rest and done a proper run tonight – Something I currently don’t feel capable of doing today. Or to put it another way:

  • Is there any point running on tired legs at a pace I never plan to race at?.
  • Is there any point in running with such deep fatigue?
  • Does prolonging fatigue give as much benefit as adding training stress?

If the answer is no – then I have wasted two nights training by running for 50 minutes last night!

After some reflection I decided that I would continue training and take a break later in the week. While, at this stage, any training I do in this is not optimal, I believe that piling on the stress will have non-specific benefits to my overall fitness. What becomes more and more important though is rest – I won’t just recover from this type of stress on just a good night sleep.

The training I decided to do was 60 minutes on the Concept2 down in the gym. I did it as follows:

  • 40 minutes @ 182W/23 SPM
  • 8 x (1 min @ 230W, 1 min @ 130W)
  • 4 min @ 190W

That’s enough for the night. I’m very tired.

Tough Row

I did a pretty hard session on the C2 last night:

  • 1000m at 210W
  • 4 x (300m 150W/1000m 225W)
  • 200m 150W
  • 1200m 230W
  • 400m 150w
  • 2000m 210W, build to 230W

Practically fell off the thing. My triceps were sore from last night’s swim – It could be time for a rest.

Not so gently down the stream…

Because of the way my timetable organised itself yesterday I had to skip my planned run -a common occurence these days!- and instead went back to the gym and rowed for one hour. As is now usual, I planned to just take it easy but after 2000m I got bored and created an interval set in my head that went as follows:

  • 2000m Easy
  • Watching the countdown timer, I did 12 HARD pulls on 50:00, 48:00, 45:00, 40:00, 38:00,35:00, 30:00, 28:00, 25:00
  • From 20:00 -> 0:00 I did 4x [3 minutes at 220W,2 mins 150-160W ]

Av. HR: 156, av. Power: 178W, Dist. 14369m

I can now see the possibility of reaching my 15000m/60min goal.

Rowing, Sauna and Science

I got sick of being sick and went to the gym with the intention of doing an easy 10k on the Concept2 rower. I did 10k, but it was far from easy:

  • First 4k Mod-Hard then
  • 8 x [ 200m Hard(230W+), 300 easy(160W) ],
  • 2x [ 400 Hard- (210W+), 600 Easy(165W),
  • Finish wit 7 Puls to max power (345W).

In the Sauna afterwards I was thinking about the current new fad: sauna as a recovery tool and I began to think about it… Possibly, the effect comes from the fact that the heart is pumping very hard to keep the body cool but the muscles are still. Perhaps this ‘free’ increase in circulation helps to repair the damage done in training. I’ll do some searching on the real answer – this was just my sauna thoughts, nothing more!

One last thing: I hope I didn’t make the wrong choice by training in a semi sick state… tick tock…

Row Row Row…

row094006I was tired and couldn’d decide to go to the gym or not. In the end I decided to go and do only 10k on the Concept2 – instead of the usual 60 minutes. Also, as a way to further motivate me to get down to the gym, I promosed myself that I would take it very easy on the rower.

As is shown above, I neither stuck to my plan or kept my promise. I started out easy enough – a steady effort with a predicted finish time of 42:30. I soon got bored and decided to do a 500m surge with 6000m remaining. This then turned into an all out interval set that ended up looking like this:

4000m w/u

5 x [500m Hard(210W), 500m Easy(160W)]

1000m  build to max (270W)

I then did some leg weights and cooled down on the bike for 10 minutes.

Shower, Sauna and a bite to eat and I’m done for the day.

Back in the Gym

I won’t say I’m back, but I’m comming around. My second consecutive day training since my sickness seems to have gone pretty well. I did a controlled and reserved 60 minutes on the Concept2: 149 av. HR 14006m. Hopefully it wasn’t too stressful on the recovering body and I’ll be able to run tomorrow lunchtime and swim tomorrow night… Let’s see what a good night sleep does for me.

Rowing, Gym

I managed to get to the gym today and, unusually for me, I managed a little discipline.

My now usual 10k row was done at a controlled and consistent pace/HR/power. I kept the projected finishing time bang on 42:00 and just rowed as was required to do that. My HR -once it leveled out- only drifted from 144-152 for the duration… not too bad.

I hopped off the rower and did 25 minutes of weights and then hit the sauna; A nice and easy day.

Gym Time

I know that I should have gone running tonight but the weather was not cooperating with my plans at all. It’s been snowing since about 17.00 so instead, I headed to the gym and did the following:

10k on the Concept2 (40:55, 158 av. HR)

25 minutes of various weights

5k on the threadmill building to 4:00/km

I have long since suspected -and now, very much hope- that there is a benefit to running on tired legs; legs that have been put through their paces in the gym. I’m assuming that this practice ‘teaches’ me to run on tired legs, and in some small way simulates the latter stages of a marathon. I do see the bullshit in the previous statement, but maybe, just maybe, there’s something to it.