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Rowing, Gym

I managed to get to the gym today and, unusually for me, I managed a little discipline.

My now usual 10k row was done at a controlled and consistent pace/HR/power. I kept the projected finishing time bang on 42:00 and just rowed as was required to do that. My HR -once it leveled out- only drifted from 144-152 for the duration… not too bad.

I hopped off the rower and did 25 minutes of weights and then hit the sauna; A nice and easy day.

Gym Time

I know that I should have gone running tonight but the weather was not cooperating with my plans at all. It’s been snowing since about 17.00 so instead, I headed to the gym and did the following:

10k on the Concept2 (40:55, 158 av. HR)

25 minutes of various weights

5k on the threadmill building to 4:00/km

I have long since suspected -and now, very much hope- that there is a benefit to running on tired legs; legs that have been put through their paces in the gym. I’m assuming that this practice ‘teaches’ me to run on tired legs, and in some small way simulates the latter stages of a marathon. I do see the bullshit in the previous statement, but maybe, just maybe, there’s something to it.

Back in the Gym

I eventually decided to join my local gym again – for a full year this time. Because of a downpour of snow I decided to skip the planned bike ride and instead, go to the warm confines of the gym…

I hadn’t been in a gym for over two months and I behaved like it was a regular part of my training routine:

10k on the Concept 2 in 42:09

20 minutes of relatively heavy weights

12 minutes of running on legs that were long since dead.

I usually suffer from muscle soreness 36 hours after a bout of exercise that I’m not used to – It’s now 8 hours after the gym and I’m pretty stiff; I have made a silly mistake. I hope it doesn’t take me too long to recover from the consequences.

I’m doing some stupid things this year; like intervals and hard sessions without any base. If I recover from this week – or if indeed there are no consequences, I will refrain from such stupidity for at least six weeks: I should know better than this.

Last year my main goal was not to get injured, it seems that the success of that goal has gone to my head. Now it’s time to reinstate that goal:

Goal 1 2009: “I will not get injured this year!”

Speaking of goals, it’s time to decide on this years other goals. I’ll get them down sometime this week.

The list still contains the following:

Sub 2:55 Marathon

Sub 2:15 Lidingöloppet

Sub 1:20 Half Mara

Sub 36 min 10k

Sub 10:00 IM

Sub 4:30 HIM

Sub 20 min 1500m swim

Sub 2:05 Olympic Tri

Sub 60 min 40k TT

Do a 10k open water swim

Do an ultra marathon (50k)

Most of these are unattainable, I’ll probably have to adjust the times to suit my ever progressing age… because I don’t have the time focus on more than one or two a year.