VO2 12s #3

Today was the VO2 Max 12s session.
3 x [12 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI

I thought I gave it a good go but I see now that it was not as good as last week’s set.

Today’s VO2 Max session:
469kJ, av. 240 W, NP 257 W, TSS 56,1

Last times I did this session I got:
474kJ, av. 239 W, NP 258 W, TSS 57,2
439kJ, av. 222 W, NP 240W, TSS 54,0

I was really surprised that the power was lower than last week;I felt like I gave a good honest effort today. Looking at the individual 12s I see that I was down on top end today:

This week: [140kJ, NP 263W,Av P 268W][139kJ, NP 265W,Av P 257W][138kJ, NP 265W,Av P 256W]

Last week: [144kJ, NP 273W,Av P 269W][141kJ, NP 270W,Av P 264W][141kJ, NP 270W,Av P 264W]

So finally I fail to see a week on week increase in performance. Not bad anyway.

The good news is that I felt absolutely no sensation or pain in my knee; can I now conclude that the injury is not cycling related? I’ll reserve judgement until bedtime tonight.

Assuming everything is ok, I’ll do my now usual outside MTB easy ride tomorrow. Can’t wait!


It’s 21:30 now. Knee feels good. No sensation whatsoever walking down the stairs. I’ll avoid running until Friday, replace it with rowing.

Good times.

Run + UBS

That’s upper body strength. I wanted to save my legs for Saturday’s VO2 Max set on the bike so I did no leg work. Another reason is that I have a small problem.

During my treadmill run I felt a slight sharp strain around my knee.
My left knee.
The knee that usually feels a slight strain when I do squats.
The knee that felt one slight strain when I did 48 squats on Wednesday.
Those statements make it seem like I caused this… which I most likely did.
I now feel the sensation -not pain- when I walk down stairs sometimes.

Something is wrong but how do I address it?

Here is my first strategy:

Keep the cycling going.
Replace running with rowing.
Temporarily replace free weight squats with leg press machine… lower the weights.
Add eccentric leg strength exercises to the weight program.

My VO2 Max session tomorrow morning will tell me if my plan is sound. If I survive that set then I know for sure that the cycling does not aggravate my knee.

Same time tomorrow night I’ll know if the strategy is partly right. I’ll review and adjust as necessary.

Catch this early and it won’t be a problem.
Losing a few % FTP now is better than loosing more later.
A stitch in time saves nine.


Sweet Sweetspots

My weekly sweetspot session done again today. I was well rested and feeling very good. Usually it begins to get difficult during the third set; that wasn’t the case today… easy isn’t the word but I can say it wasn’t challenging at all. The last set I held it over FTP for the 9 minutes which also felt pretty good. Hard but good.

The metrics for the set excluding warm up and cool down:

Work: 660kJ
NP: 231W
Av. P: 224W
Av. HR: 152 bpm

Splits Today:
229W, 228W, 231W, 229W, 258W

Last Sessions (Newest on top):
226W, 221W, 225W, 228W, 246W
223W, 225W, 227W, 228W, 240W

Improvement all round.
Getting stronger. Hopefully that will mean I’m getting faster too.

I absolutely need to keep three bike sessions per week until Lidding. Failing to do that will stop pregression. If I stop progression then there will have been no point starting when I did.


Run – Lift

There’s not so much to say about it really. I did a 30 minute run as a warm up and followed it with 40 minutes of weights.

Squats are getting better – that strain I used to feel in my left knee is pretty much gone. During just one of my 48 squats today I experienced a minor sensation in the loft knee though it was nothing like it used to be.

Mob legs are definitely getting stronger but I can’t say I feel the same about my upper body. I still don’t feel a pump in my upper body.

I suppose it takes time. It’s a completely new training stimulus for me and add that to the fact that I’m not young… things take time.

Tomorrow is a swim for sure and a bike ride if I can squeeze it in.

Rest Day

Monday was rest day. Having trained eight times in five days I planned in a rest day… when that rest day came around though I still felt the need to train. Twice during the day I was ‘on my way’ do do some training. The first time I resisted the urge, the second time I got distracted and ended up missing the time window. I’m glad I did because now that I sit here and rest, I can feel that I need the rest. I’m damn tired.

Tomorrow will be a double day. Swim and something else. It all depends how the day works out. As for the week, I have the bike sessions dialed in for now:
Sweedspot session on Wednesday.
VO2 Max session on Friday or Saturday.
Long ride on the MTB on Sunday.
I’d like to keep two fairly good runs going too.Two weight sessions and a swim or two… how many is that?
Oh, did I mention the SkiErg and Concept2 sessions?
Time … the eternal problem.


Good Week

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 21.20.40

Very happy with what I got done this week. Three good bike sessions, two runs and a couple of visits to the gym. That’s as good a week as I can expect in my current situation. The most important thing now is to keep the build going; 89 days to the A-Race, that’s a lot of time to do one of two things: build massive bike strength or lose motivation.

Risks are that I miss my mid week bike sessions. These are key to my FTP gains. Gym sessions are under no risk nor are the few runs I manage to do. I need to keep the focus on the bike. DON’T MISS THE TRAINER SESSIONS!

Performance manager is showing some stress. I had planned to do a gym run-strength session tomorrow night. Let’s see how the body feels tomorrow, I’ll decide then if I should cancel it or not.

VO2 Max…

Just putting this up here to give myself some motivation… I’ve been finding things to do around the house this morning just to avoid or postpone this session.

10 minute w/u and then:
3 x [12 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI

130% FTP works out at 327W
Here goes.

Last time I did this session I got:
439kJ, av. 222 W, NP 240W, TSS 54,0
Today I got:
474kJ, av. 239 W, NP 258 W, TSS 57,2

TSS is relative to FTP, which has increased, so the increase there shown an increase in relative work –  not performance. With that in mind, the performance increases need to be scaled down somewhat. They are not as good as they look.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 11.18.25

I must remember the following for next time.

The set is not THAT hard.
First three sets are easy.
It only gets difficult after about six.
Don’t fear this session.


Today was a filler day that had a couple of fillers in the day… What does that mean? It means that I didn’t train specifically and that I trained a couple of times during the day when I could squeeze it in.

Started with a 30 minute very easy morning swim. Nothing more to say about that.

Then later in the evening I had a free slot so I did 5km on the Concept2 followed by 20 minutes on the skiErg. Not a difficult day but over an hour of movement – has to count for something.

Sweetspot Thursday

Sweetspot time again. This time it was after a hard night’s lifting and running last night. I certainly felt the squats in my legs today but it was perfectly fine once I sat on the bike.

Comparing the five nine minute intervals from last week I see an increase in performance:

226W, 221W, 225W, 228W, 246W

Last Week:
223W, 225W, 227W, 228W, 240W

Marginal gain but I’ll take what I can.

Comparing average heart rate for each set might show more…
149, 152, 155, 157, 163
Last Week:
152, 153, 156, 159, 163

I suppose it (maybe) shows that the slight increase in power didn’t come as a result of an increase in effort. So it may prove a slight fitness gain.


Tonight I’ll go to the gym and row/skiErg.