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Did a quick run today, quick in both meanings of the word. 35 minutes with 3 intervals at threshold:
Interval 1: 6 mins, 3:49/km, av. HR 159, max. HR 167
Interval 2: 4 mins, 4:05/km, av. HR 162, max. HR 168
Interval 3: 7 mins, 4:13/km, av. HR 163, max. HR 170
Two minutes between the intervals made the session a pretty hard one.

More Snow Running

More running in the snow. I don’t like it at all. It’s slow, slippery and most likely does not use the same muscles as regular running does. I have a strange sensation in my left knee in the morning now, probably as a result of the instability during thes cursed snow running… Roll on spring!