Now my mini-crash-training is at the half way point. It’s time for a little rest – not because that was the plan but because I’m very tired. Last night’s run didn’t feel good and the numbers showed what I felt: Slow pace and a high HR relative to effort. I’ll kick back and take it easy today. Tomorrow I’ll run to and/or from work, a double 12,5km run would be great to have under the belt. Saturday I’ll try to get a long cycle in and Sunday I’ll see what is left in the tank.

Catch Up: Day 3

Today’s plan is a 90 minute run. I’m not sure how I will get the time, but that’s the goal. If I don’t find 90 minutes in my day I’ll consider attempting two runs…

Once again my plan did not become realised. Instead I did the triple-double: cycling and running for the third consecutive day. The cycling was done first and I forced myself out the door at about 21:00 to do the run. I did a different session on the bike today:

  • 15 mins w/u
  • 7 x (2:30 @ 92 rpm, 2:30 @ 72 rpm) Steady->Mod-Hard
  • 6 x (1 min @ 80 rpm Hard, 30 seconds rest)
  • 2 min w/d

The fatigue reared it’s head during the run. I ran a slightly hilly 10k and every hill slowed me right down – there was also a burning sensation to accompany the reduction in speed. Well, it’s now done and I think I’ll rest tomorrow and then try to do a big weekend. That should give me a good platform to start my real training from. Now let’s hope I can find some consistency – I’d say my training for Lidingö Loppet is about 7-10 days behind schedule. Nothing alarming yet, but it’s deffinitely time to get moving on the long runs.

Catch Up: Day 2

I’m tired today and I still have two days to go in my ‘catch-up’ block. It was originally supposed to catch-up fitness in all three sports, but missing swimming last night is going to make that difficult; unless I manage to go swimming tonight. So that leaves me with a dilemma – what to do?

  • Plan A: 60+ minute Run and a 60+ minute Cycle
  • Plan B: 60+ minute Swim and a 60+ minute Cycle


It turned out to be a variation of Plan A.

I’ve just finished the cycle part and it burned. i propped the bike in fromt of the TV, watched the Tour de France TTT and did the following set:

  • 10 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last 60 seconds 100 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 11 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last 90 seconds 100 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 12 mins 39×18, 92 rpm
  • 2 mins Easy
  • 13 mins 39×18, 92 rpm, last minute 100 rpm
  • 5 mins easy
  • 8 x  (20 seconds 110 rpm, 10 seconds 70 rpm) 39×18
  • 3 mins w/d

Total time 62 minutes. I’m now debating if a 30 minute run would give any benefit.


Did the run and it was more than the 30 minutes that I felt that I would be able for. I started running and felt surprisingly great: a spring in my stride and a great feel for the road. I just enjoyed it so much. Almost straight away I decided to change from the 30 minute plan to a 40 minute run. When I was 30 minutes in I added annother 10 minutes on to make it 50. At one stage on the way home I passed a turn that, had I taken it, I would have done a 1:05 run. Snese prevailed and I limited it to 50 minutes.

  • 11.1km, 50:24, av. HR 151, av. Pace 4:30/km, cadence 91

7 x 7 push-ups when I got home. I wonder how I’ll feel tomorrow… I have no plan for tomorrow yet!

Catch Up: Day 1

Pre-Lunch run: 10.5km, av. HR 145, Pace 4:56/km

Very easy session ran in DS Trainers. Felt realy fresh on my feet – I am probably ready for a good long run this week.

Evening Session: Indoor Trainer.

  • 15 min w/u
  • 7 x (40 seconds at 110+ RPM, 20 seconds rest)
  • 3 mins Recovery
  • 5 mins Big Gear 70 RPM
  • 2 mins Recovery
  • 6 x (40 seconds at 110+ RPM, 20 seconds rest)
  • 2 mins Recovery
  • 8 mins Big Gear 70 RPM
  • 4 mins Revovery
  • 14 x (40 seconds at 110+ RPM, 20 seconds rest)
  • 3 min w/d

1:09 in total – tough session!  I’m not sure what it is good for though – I just made it up as I went along. The legs have that empty, dead tiredness that I get after a short race… nice!

Feeling Fresh

I had planned to rest today after yesterday’s melt-down, however, I feel fresh today. I have no idea how that can be the case, since I thought yesterday’s tiredness was training fatigue and therefore rest would be needed to overcome it. This for some reason does not seem to be the case. Maybe it was from the cycling on Wednesday – I’m not at all cycle fit, so maybe it takes a long time for me t recover… Let’s see what the next cycle brings – hopefully on Monday. If the chance arises, I’ll get out for an hour run tonight.


Probably should have rested yesterday…

When will I learn? I’m simply not as fit as I once was – this becomes apparent after only two days of short, but intensive training. Yesterday when I awoke I was fairly fatigued and when I finally got around to running I only decided to do the bare minimum 8,4km – the shortest lap available to me.
One day later and I still feel bad – probably even on the verge of getting sick. I have a scratch in my throat that could easily develop into something worse if not looked after. Having said all that, I plan to run home from work today… So when I ask “When will I learn”, the answer seems to be: “No time soon!”.


In this mirnong’s section I noted that I was fatigued and should not run today – nevertheless, I decided to run. Fast forward 4 hours – post run – and I am realisingwhat a bad idea that was. The run home is an undulating 13km point to point; no short cuts available. Barely twenty minutes into the run I started to feel terrible – It felt like there was no spring in my step. Every effort to move forward seemed to meet with resistance and, for the first time in my life, that voice in the back of my head -the one that tries to convince me to slow down during races- didn’t tell me to slow down or stop: It told me to sit down! I have no idea how I managed to keep going and no idea why I felt so bad… It seems that I have a lot of fitness to discover.

Anyway, the good news is it’s done and I’m not injured: 12.9km, av. HR 146, pace 4:49/km

Run Tonight

It’s the AM and I’m feeling very tired today. Two consecutive interval sessions have taken their toll. Bearing that i mind, I’ll do a long-ish run tonight and a reasonable pace. I’ll decide on the time spent running as I go, but I’d like to get 70 minutes at 4:30/km. I’ll let the HR decide my pace and my legs will decide for how long I will run.


I’ve now officially entered my A-Race


I’m far more fatigued than I hoped and thought I would be. I decided to go for a short run for that reason.

  • 8.4km, 149 av. HR, 4:33/km

Ran in my DS Racers – just to make the run seem like it had a purpose.

Missed Swimming

The time for swimming came and went and I decided to take a forced rest – something I have been doing a lot of lately. Just as I was about to call it a night and sit on my backside my girlfriend suggested that I go out on the bike for an hour and a half – something I hadn’t even considered. After momentarily wondering what was in it for her, I got dressed and was out the door in a record breaking 9 minutes.

Since the cycle was a surprise, I had no idea what I would do once I got going. Once I got as far as Drottningholm I decided to do multiple laps of the 4.6k circuit. I did the forst one in 8 minutes, took the mandatory 3 minutes rest and then decided that I would do a longer, but less intense lap for my next effort. This turned out to bt almost exactly 18 minutes. I then repeated the long lap and headed home.

  • 21 mins w/u
  • Lap 1: 4.6km, 7:59, Av. Speed 34.3km/h, av. HR 151
  • Lap 2: 9.6km, 17:55, Av. Speed 32.3km/h, av. HR 149
  • Lap 3: 9.6km, 18:20, Av. Speed 31.5km/h, av. HR 149
  • 17 mins w/d

That was enough.