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Wetsuit Time

There was a 1500m test swim today so I decided to take along my wetsuit; my first time wearing one since August 2007.

I managed to do the 1500 in 21:03 – that’s just under a minute off my best and 1:04 outside my golden target of sub-20:00… I wonder if I will ever do it.

One thing I did notice about the wetsuit is that my triceps are very very sore – I’m obviously engaging them differently in the wetsuit – the thing is, is that the correct way, or is the way I engage them without the wetsuit the correct way? The things that one can wonder about when they have time!

Tomorrow’s plan is a long run – there is plenty of snow about, so I’m not looking forward to it one bit; I really have to do it though. The Stockholm Marathon plan is becoming a bit of a joke at this stage.

Good training today

I ran at lunch with Richie. The ice in Ursvik was virtually unpassable so we decided to knock the lap on the head and find something else to do. On the way back to the office we found a relatively ice-free lap of approximately 650m. We ran half hard and the second half easy – repeated it five times. I think it was plenty and I was digging very deep to hold onto Richie’s wake.

Tonight I also got to the pool.

  • Warm up,
  • 8×50 technique,
  • 32×50 at threshold pace (on 55)
  • 4×50 easy/hard
  • Warm down

I’m now fit for bed.

I’m not sure if I like the new format of the blog… I’ll play with it for a while and see how I feel about it.


Swim tonight. Test set 5×200 max effort on 5 mins – not the best way to return to swimming. The freshness vs fitness really shows: 2:45 for the first 200 vs 2:59 for the last… All in all, the previous two days would not be considered the ideal return to training!


Just back from swimming and I’m pretty happy. A short yet tough set:

  • 200 w/u
  • 4×50 technique
  • 4×50 speed test
  • 100 easy
  • 6×100 max on 5:00 (1:16,1:18,1:19,1:19,1:20,1:19) 200 easy


I made it to swimming tonight and was pretty happy with the set and my swimming:

  • 200 w/u
  • 12×50 technique
  • 600 easy (9:26)
  • 4×50 max
  • 600 easy (9:26)
  • 2×100 max
  • 600 easy (9:30)
  • 200 max (2:56)
  • 200 w/d