Roll and Ride

After resting Friday I hit the rollers and did my best session of the year so far: 6 x 9:00/1:00 Sweetspot. 825kJ / 89.3 TSS – solid for the rollers. My goal still remains 8 x 9:00. Let’s see if I am able to get there this year.

I backed that up with a MTB ride on Sunday. I learned that minus twelve degrees and sun is my absolute limit for cycling outdoors. A few times I had to shake my hands out to get blood flowing in them again and I didn’t even realize that my feet had frozen until the blood started to return when I got home. It was great to get out but I sure did feel the effects of Saturday’s indoor set. Legs were dead on the uphill sections – Richie just disappeared up the road every time it went upwards.

PerfJanFitness is building slowly but surely. Keeping the upward slope in Performance Manager since late December. Plan is to keep the upwards trend going until June.

Almost forgot… the bad news. An FTP test is due. Probably tomorrow.


I took a rest after training four days in a row. I was feeling fresh on the fourth day and at the time thought I did a pretty conservative session: 40 min @ 4:17/km with the last 4 min @ 3:45/km followed by a 21 minute strength session.

Friday, the day after, I was feeling tired so I decided to rest. Now I’m ready to go again. The trainer is calling me and I will most likely do the 9:00/1:00 set in some former other.

I’ve planned my reading list for 2016:

IMG_6694I may add more and swap out some but that’s what’s on hand for now.


I had a chance to get a bonus training session during my daughter’s swim class. There were two crawl lanes open and I got the chance to do a quick swin:

2450m in 39 minutes.

Just swam. Varied the pace a little. Feeling good.

The Plan

The framework I noted last week is getting some meat on it:

Jan 1st – March 4th: Base

1 SS session on the rollers

    •  Increase the duration of this each week. Something like:
      • 5 x 9 SS
      • 4 x 9 SS + 1 x 9 FTP
      • 6 x 9 SS
      • 5 x 9 SS + 1 x 9 FTP
      • 7 x 9

1 VO2 Max session on the rollers
1 ride outside (I’m probably going to by studded tyres!)

March 5th – April 16th: Build

Outside as much as possible (some short race pace intervals during long ride)
1 hard roller session (2 – 5 min intervals at very high power )
1 2 x 20 @ FTP session

April 16th – May 1st: Peek. Very hard shit.

Outside session (lots of race pace intervals)
Distance session builds intensity. Under/over race pace. Strong finish.

May 7th – Race

Or something like that!

Winter has hit hard here. To help with the outdoor riding I just bought these:



5 x 9:00 on 1:00 RI – 1st @ sweetspot, 5th @ FTP


Good set. Sufficiently tired at the end. Sweetspot is difficult.

The next one will be 6 x 9:00, just staying at sweetspot. The plan is to build to 8 x 9:00 before I start to do two V02 Max sets per week. Sweetspots are where the money is now.

I’ve just noticed that I’m due and FTP test now… well I can’t do it today or tomorrow because I’m tired. Maybe I’ll get it done Friday. Lets see.
This post is pointless – end!


I returned to the same gym I was in on Friday – the one with the supposed broken Concept2. I was going to run for 40 minutes but decided to sit on the concept2 and see if I had any luck this time. Well, the 3 x 12 x… V02 Max session on the bike on Friday must have taken a lot out of me on Friday because the rower was perfectly fine. I did a 10km set as follows:
5km Steady (185w)
5km as 100m Hard (250w), 100m easy (150w)
Called it a day after that – it was 22:15 and I’m trying to get my sleep patterns back to work mode.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the rollers. ? x 9:00/1:00 Sweetspot intervals.

Big Day

I’ve been meaning to do this set for quite some time and finally managed to do it today:

3 x [12 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI


It was tough… very tough. Being honest with your FTP is going to make all the difference here. If you overestimate it you most likely won’t finish the set and if you underestimate it then, well, you of course wont get the same training effect.

After that I ate and decided to go the the gym later on. I planned doing a 10km concept 2 set but couldn’t get the power up on the rowing machine so I bagged it after 10 minutes… it was my first time in the gym so I’m not sure if the rowing machine is ok or not… I can say that two of the three didn’t work and the third (that I uesd) seemed very difficult. Anyway, I hit the weights instead.
I’m getting into the strength training and the set now takes 40 minutes.
I also increased the weight for my squat ad deadlifts today; 45kg and 52kg respectively.

It’ll be interesting to see of this actually makes any difference in bike performance.

Back it up

I had barely three hours rest after the sweetspot interval session and I found myself in the pool in Sundbyberg.
I actually intended on going to the gym to do a leg-day but it was closed. I was about to go home and decided to do a short swim. Jumping in I had absolutely no plan – I was going to do a 200m warm-up and then decide what I would do based on how I felt. As it happened I felt pretty well and didn’t stop after 200, or 400 or 2000 for that matter. I finally stopped when I began to feel fatigue such that my technique was effected. That turned out to be after 3150m.

Big day for me: 61 minutes on the bike and 51 minutes swimming.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 13.18.03

I read about a sweetspot session being done by one of the better cyclists I know. The exact version he does is 8 x [9:00 / 1:00] in the sweetspot power zone.
My attempt today was 5 x 9:1 in my sweetspot – I thought it would be plenty for my current fitness and committed to doing just that. On the fifth I was still feeling fresh so I thought I’d make it a bit more challenging by going 110% FTP for the last ten seconds of every minute. After that I still needed punishment so did a tabatha-esq set. 8 x 0:20/0:10 at about 135% FTP.

Done and feeling good.

Good Start

I’ve got a good start to the year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.18.08

Something almost every day – took Wednesday off because I was tired.
As well as consistency, there was a good mix of intensities.

What is important now is to get a routine when I get back to work and stat to build to Lidding MTB.

Hopefully I’ll get a good set on the rollers tonight… let’s see what time allows.