Post Long Run

Today I feel pretty good. Slight tenderness in the knees but nothing like last week. Pain mainly comes after sitting so I have taken the simplest form of mitigation; don’t sit down for the day. Or to keep it alligned with yesterday’s rule: stand-the-fuck up.
Two simple rules in two days.
hurry-the-fuck up
stand-the-fuck up

Friday & Sunday

Friday Night:
Duration: 00:29:04, HR Avg: 152, HR Max: 164, Calories: 343 kcal, Distance: 6.36 km, Pace Avg: 04:34 min/km, Training Load: 83

Sunday Morning:
Duration: 02:31:45, HR Avg: 148, HR Max: 165, Calories: 1720 kcal, Distance: 31.56 km, Pace Avg: 04:48 min/km, Training Load: 331

Both sessions revealed something about my fitness.
Firday showed that the lack of intensity in my build is hindering my ability to hold a high pace or HR for ery long.
Sunday showed me that my long training runs are of great benefit. I also noticed a ‘new’ behavior in the knee. It was completely pain free for the first 8kms of the run. During the 9th kilometer the pain appeared. I focused a little and upped the pace and the pain went away. This pain came back during kilometer 12 and, once again, after increasing teh pace the pain subsided.
Looking at the data after the run I noticed that both km 9 and 12 were 5:xx/km whereas all other ones were 4:4x/km. What it says to me is that whatever form I adopt while running slow does me damage. Not surprising since I have been running 4:10-4:30/km for over a year; I have obviously adopted to it.
So to aviod pain there is a simple rule: hurry-the-fuck-up!

Test Time II

Last week’s test time was a failure.
16 km M-Paced run (8km out and back) showed an extreme fade in pace as the run progressed.
I’m now on my way to attempt the exact same run again.


Last Week:
Duration: 01:12:52, HR Avg: 156, HR Max: 164, Calories: 899 kcal, Distance: 16.2 km, Pace Avg: 04:28 min/km, Training Load: 206

This Week:
Duration: 01:12:10, HR Avg: 156, HR Max: 164, Calories: 859 kcal, Distance: 16.41 km, Pace Avg: 04:23 min/km, Training Load: 197

Better but not there yet.
HR stats are interesting to say the least.
I started easier this week and there was far less fade: 4:19/km out vs 4:26/km back
Last week was 4:18/km out vs 4:39/km back

So to wrap it up – promising but the truth that is beginning to reveal itself is not what I was planning on 3 weeks ago when I started this journey. I’d say I have 16 days of real training remaining.
2 long runs, 3 M-Pacers and some more intensive stuff too.
What will happen on the big day? Who knows; I most certainly don’t yet.

Time to Run

M-Paced run due tonight.
8km out and back.
Up to last week I had been increasing the distance of the M-Paced run but after last week’s failure I will stop increasing until I hit the 16km one properly.
Tomorrow I’ll back it up with the treadmill hill session.


Powermeter (Power2max, Rotor 3D, 110 BCD, 172,5) is on the way. October 24th is the expected delivery date.


Interesting Week

After being very worried about the health of my knees the week worked out pretty well.
I did my first back to back runs of this build and I will uise the treadmill run a lot in the future. Very safe on the knees and very hard on the body; exactly what I need.
I took a day’s rest and then topped off the week with my long run. A copy/paste from
Duration: 02:28:39, HR Avg: 146, HR Max: 162, Calories: 1649 kcal, Distance: 30.36 km, Pace Avg: 04:51 min/km, Training Load: 310
That’s not a bad way to end the week.
Knee pain came and went during the run and as I suit here and type, 24 hours later, my knees (that’s plural) are feeling a little sore. That’s the reality of the situation and is to be accepted. I’ve had knee pain before and recovered quickly – this particular flaovor of knee pain is not nearly as bad as my previous cases; in those cases I couldn’t run… I know pain is bad and should be listened to. I know. I know. Watch this space; could be a train wreck comming.