Bike trainer today – a workout I’m going to call the 5:2 because, well, the main set is 5:00 hard followed by 2:00 easy. Today I managed four in a row followed up by 3 x 1:00 very hard/30 seconds easy.

The 5 minute intervals were pretty hard; building to a HR of 160+ within 90 seconds and ending up at about 163-165… They were in fact so hard that I bagged the original plan of capping it off with 5×1:00/00:30.

Next time I do the set I WILL do:
W/u 10:00
3 x 00:30/00:30
5 x 5:00/2:00 @ HR > 160
5 x 1:00/00:30


I wasn’t feeling so motivated today. Work party last night made me a little sluggish and the thought of missing another day training was a distinct possibility.
A little friendly persuasion and I was on the tradmill at 11:30. I ran 30 minutes mostly at 15km/h with a few 60 second efforts at 18km/h and the last 4 minutes at 17km/h.
I was going to bag it there and then but I decided to jump into the pool. I had a lovely 20 minute swim; a few short efforts, a lot of deMont and a fair bit of easy smooth swimming.

Happy with what I have done.
I will most likely do a tough spinning set tomorrow.

Run and …

I’m just back from a run – the usual 11,6km run that takes in the 10km Ursvik trail. Today I was feeling the effects o yesterday’s bike set which probably means two things: 1/ I executed it pretty well. 2/ It stresses me so I should get some benefit out of it.

I usually do the 10km trail in under 45 minutes but my legs felt heavy throughout the run; as a result I did it in 45:05 which I’m not delighted about… still it’s only December – 155 days to specific prep for Stockholm Triathlon.

See if I can get a swim in tonight and then take an easy day or two after that.


Swim done.

300 w/u
3×200 progressive
4×100 prog.
6×50 prog.
5x[3×50] prog.

Felt really smooth at times though my stroke did begin to fall apart at the end.

Easy does it

Trying to shake a  cough for the past 5 days. It has gotten a little better and today it started to get worse again. I thought some gentle exercise might do the trick so I went to the gym, jumped on a spinning bike and did the following set:

Wu) 6:00
3 X 30″ max effort on 30″ rest
5:00 best effort with cadence 90 revs
1:00 easy high cadence
5:00 best effort again
1:00 rest
5:00 best effort
1:00 rest
3 X 1:00 wall-sits on 30″ rest
1:00 spin easy
5 X 1:00 maximum effort on 30″ rest
Cd) 3:00

Felt nauseous afterwards and the cough is double the frequency and intensity now.

Clever man.

Catch up

Busy since my last entry… Mainly work related. I squeezed in two short runs on Wednesday and Thursday – 7.5 and 10 km respectively and managed my usual 11.5km today.

Todays run was strange. I felt bad for the first 3km and found the going tough when my heart rate was in the low 140s – this in itself is odd, but the fact that I managed to 10km split in under 44 minutes is even more odd.

I can put it down to tiredness, hunger and being a little sick. Not sure if I’ll get anything done tomorrow.