Short run

Easy short run today: 8,8km @ 4:40/km. I had also planned to go out on the rollerskis but sense prevailed in the end. I have been sick for 11 days and the last thing I need is to train three times in two days once I’m nearly recovered…
Tomorrow is a 1500m test swim with the club. Here are some likely scenarios:
1:35/100m – 23:45
1:37/100m – 24:15
1:40/100m – 25:00
I REALLY hope it’s the first!


Ran the old 2,5 +10km trails today. Took the 2,5km as a warmup and just held a pretty comfortable pace on the 10k. Felt good throughout despite still having a lingering cold and the 3 degrees chill. The 10km split was a fraction under 45 minutes – that’ll do.

I just read that the tri-club have their first swim test-set of the trainigyear: a 1500m all out effort. I have to decide if I want to do this or not. No doubt it will be the slowest 1500m set I have ever don. Can my ego handle that?


Didn’t get out the door today so decided to do some strength training.

I took out the stretch cords and did a quick workout with them. Then ran upstairs to do three supersets with the dumbbells:

3 x (8 x Shoulder Press->8 x bicep curl-> 10 x Dumbbell Deadlift -> 10 x bent over rows)

I had a small rest and then went on a (lob-sided) pyramid of chin-ups:

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4,3,3,2,2,1 – 54 in total!

I’m coughing as I type – as I have been doing every night now for a week. I reckon that a race is a bad idea tomorrow. My training gear is sitting on the floor beside me so if I feel good tomorrow morning I’ll run… let’s see.

Breakthrough Swim

I think It’s swim number 6 of my comeback and tonight’s swim showed promise.
The two main sets were 8*100 on 1:50 and 12*50, max sustainable pace on 1:30.
The good news is all 100s were (just) under 1:30 and all 50s were under 0:40… I’m delighted with that. A high-5 set!

Still don’t feel well

I’m not sure if I can race on Sunday as I still feel pretty bad in the mornings ad evenings. I’m going to have to re-plan again… not sure now if I can PB in the 10k this year.

In the meantime I’m doing small bouts of strength exercises when I feel good. Yesterday I did 5×10 push-ups… Not world’s strongest man material but better than nothing!


Well, despite my entry above I somehow decided to go for a run anyway. Took it relatiely easy and was pleased with my form. I did the 10k trail in just under 45 minutes. Not a fast time but considering it was at an easy effort I’m very happy. Now – easy does it until I recover.

Perhaps I ran a too early

I feel worse today than I did yesterday. Could last night’s run be the reason?

As a result I skipped my planned run and swim today. Instead I used my stairs for theie alternate purpose and did a set of chin-ups:


Why the 2,2,1 at the end? To reach 50 of course!

Hässelby will be a DNS

I have still a sore chest, throat and head – to still consider racing tomorrow would be stupid. A DNS it is then!

After deciding to take the DNS, I then went on the web and had a look for any other possibilities for racing this year. There is one last 10k race: Hellasloppet; Sunday October 17th – tomorrow week. Now – I have to be very smart here. What is needed is recovery from illness and a couple of runs to MAINTAIN fitness – there can be no fitness gains made approaching this race. Any attempt would be both a risk of relapsing from illness and entering the race tired.

A PB could still be on the cards this year.

Time to Rest

Ran to work today: a mere 4km in a meager 19:20… I feel tired and declare that it is time to rest. I’ll decide tomorrow on the duration os the rest. Race day is Sunday – I want to be on my best form of the year then.