Edsviken Run

With some very hard and long interval sets.

I’ll add more tomorrow.


It’s now tomorow. Yesterday’s run was difficult to say the least. I knew three things before I ran:
The route is approximately 11km
I need extra speed
I have no time to get to the track any more
With this in mind, I headed out for the run with the plan to run it as an interval set. While I have never read of such a set I decided to do it. A set I could call: decending intervals with increasing efforts – or DiiE!
The idea (in my mind only) is that the earlier efforts are there merely to add as much fatigue as possible so that the last effort will be more specific to a race experience.
The set was as follows:
10 min w/u
11:20 HARD (170 MHR, 160 Av.HR)
1 min walk
10:47 Steady (156 MHR, 148 Av.HR)
7:39 HARD (169 MHR, 160 Av.HR)
1 min walk
2:06 Easy (140 Av.HR)
5:44 HARD (175 MHR, 166 Av.HR)

Now the question is – Should I back it up or not?

One day rest

…was probably not enough after Wednesday’s race. I felt pretty good today and decided to go for a run – I hadn’t done a 10k race in many years and forgot what kind of recovery was required. I headed out for the Edsviken run thinking it would be pretty easy and planning to do some tempo at the end. Twenty minutes into the run I got an almost-overwhelming desire to walk; I resisted this desire and carried on running. It was by no means pleasant but I got it done at the same pace as with Richie last week – all in all a good day. Now for tomorrow; rest, run or bike?

Race day

Today was a 10k race; work’s internal running championships – I came second.

Some good and bad to take from it.

Firstly, I’m not 10k fit – simple as that. I can’t hold the pace I should be able to throughout the distance. I started out pretty conservatively and slowly built into the speed I thought I could hold for the duration. After settling I then decided to try to catch the person in first place and as a result overcooked it a little after about 3km and never bounced back after that.

Going into the race I expected that I wold go under 41 minutes and had announced the fact. I never thought that I could go sub-40 on that course. This would suggest to me that I am in store for a PB at 10k this year. Now, how to best prepare for that PB is what needs to be researched. 32 days to go.

Swim #3

I could actually do something resembling swimming tonight. On my previous lay-offs I only needed 10 swims to get back to 80-90% of best ever form. Somehow, I don’t think that will be the case this time; I have let it go too much. Just keep swimmin’ and seein’.

How to ride rollers

Rollers came today and after some initial hesitation I can now clearly describe how it’s done.

Mount bike and then;
It’s like riding a bike!
While shopping for the trainer I came across people’s descriptions staying they got the hang of it in five minutes. Two minutes after being in my rollers I recalled these reviews and called bullshit… three further minutes later I saw the light.
I didn’t get s chance to train but I got the bike up to 40km/h and no problem arose.

Fast Fartlek

Did a great run tonight. I did the Ursvik 10k as follows: Race pace for all the hills and then race pace for the last 2,8km. Result? 42:31; the fastest time all year. It by no means shows that I am in race shape, but it certainly suggests that race form will come.

The graph above shows that the effort varied; usually I run with a flat or sloping HR. This was mountainous – never steady at all. Let’s seeif I can hold race pace for 40-or-so minutes on Wednesday.To be honest, I don’t think i’m ready for that yet!

Run again

I had a really nice run today with Richie; The Edsviken route from work. The fecker said that he was tired but nonetheless he pushed the pace pretty hard. It was faster than I would have gone at the start and the end; there was a brief 10 minute period somewhere in the mid-section of the run that I felt I wanted to go a little faster but apart from that I was hanging on!

The run was a meagre 53 minutes and if nothing else, hilighted the fact that I am far from ready ro race a 10k… a race that I’ll do in five days!

Swim #2

Second swim tonight. It felt pretty ok tonight; I never got the dead-arm feeling that I got on Tuesday. The set was easy and my pace was slow but I’m only starting back so there are no expectations. One thing is for sure; it’ll take more than ten swims to get back into shape; I’ve probably let my swim-fitness go a little too much this time… not to even mention the bike!


Resting today – I’ll probably do a short and hard run tomorrow; 3min@10k pace, 1 min walk… not sure where I’ll do it though.

I had a look at my HRM file from Saturday’s race and checked the data:

km 1: 3;48/km, Max HR: 170

km 2: 3;48/km ,Max HR: 173

km 3: 3;50/km ,Max HR: 175

km 4: 3;47/km, Max HR: 179

km 5: 3;51/km, Max HR: 178

Did I back off on the last km? Sure didn’t feel like it at the time!