The Double

I’m going to attempt a double run today. I’ll start with an easy lunchtime run and hopefully get to the track tonight for a hard interval session… Now; Plan is laid – all that’s left is to execute it!


I won’t do the double today – far too tired after the first run. I did th1 10km trail in Ursvik as planned which gave me a total of 14km running when the distance to-and-from the trail is considered. While running it felt slow and difficult – I thought that I might be due a small rest. I have just checked my watch and the time is a none too slow 44:51 for the 10k trail: not too bad at all. Apart from the decision not to run tonight I made one more decission while running: I will target Kista loppet as my A-race for the year. This leaves me 4 weeks of hard and fast training to do a respectable time. I haven’t seen the course profile, so it is difficult to predict a time but I would deffinitely like to go under 38:00 if the course allows. This means I’ll be hitting the track and doing lots of 800m repeats… so there is pain in the post!

If I can hit [ 12x800m on 3:00 (w/ 2:54/800) ] in 4 weeks time then I should surely do sub-38 for the 10k.

Two runs

For a few weeks now I have had a set of running gear in the boot of my car so that -should the opportunity present itself- I would be able to run at a moments notice. That opportunity arose on Saturday. We went to the garden centre in Ulriksdal for lunch and there since my parents were with us we needed two runs in the car or I could run home.
I decided to run with a large bowl of soup, some bread and a large piece of cake in my belly! I will most likely never eat that particular cake again – the waves of nausea I felt during the run were accompanied by the flavor of the regurgitating cake… Not a pleasant experience but at least I got to run!

I also managed my come-back training route: the 2,5km followed by the 10km trail. As usual the format was: 2,5km easy, first 5km (of the 10km) mod-hard, next 2km mod-hard->hard, last 3km hard. I don’t have my records in fromt of me this minute, but I suspect that all the splits were the fastest I’ve had; it’s now time to start the Xtreme again… Maybe I’ll be fit enough to do the Xtreme race on the 25th of August. There is one in two days time, but I don’t think I’m ready for that sort of punishment yet!

2nd week in a row

Today was my second consecutive (now weekly?) track session. A little harder than last week which is how I think it should be:

20 min w/u then into the intervals:

2*[2*800 (on 4:00)+1*400] 2:00 RI.

6*400 on 2:00 (1:22,1:26,1:24,1:26,1:25,1:16)

I think the 1:16 is my quickest 400m ever – I’ll have to check the archives for that one… All in all, I’m very pleased with the effort. Next week I will write down the set BEFORE I go; tonight I made it up as I went along – thus doing the set I was mentaly capable at the time. I think it is probably best to pre-plan and take the pain as it comes. I’ll do 1 200-400-600-800-1000 pyramid set : nasty!