More rowing fun

Sunday was a zero with regards to training – a quite busy day in many other ways.

Today I hit the gym and did 10k on the Concept2. I planned to hold 165W for the entire set but got bored at the 5km mark and swithced up a gear to do 6 x [500 Hard (210W)/300 Easy(130-150W)]. I finished strong and felt I got the effort about right. Later in the evening I did a slow and leisurely 8km run – nothing difficult.

I’m entertaining the possibility of returning to swimming tomorrow night…

Row Row…

Back on the Concept2 again today; this time I simply started out holding 160w and rowed for 30 minutes. I queued for the treadmill, gave up after a few minutes and six minutes later I was beginning my second 30 minute 160W set on the Concept2… Nice!
I curse the January effect in the gym; It bugs me that there are so many people there, killing themselves, fooling themselves with their January ‘enthusiasm’ , crowding the place up when the fact is that 99% of them will be history by February!
1st 30 minute set 162W, 7038m
2nd 30 minute set 165W, 7050m

No Problem

The pain from yesterday subsided pretty quickly – today I feel like training again; but probably not 10km on the Concept2! I’ll most likely do some indoor biking and then an easy run… lets see.


Ended up being 60 minutes on the indoor trainer. Started off very easy and held that power for the hour; wasn’t very easy at the end! There is a big hole in my cycle fitness!

Oh no!

After the softly-softly approach to training I foolishly returned to training with a not so softly approach. I rowed 10km and am no in about as much pain as I have been in since I broke my rib. One step forward, two steps back… What a fool I am!

Maybe Today

Training didn’t happen last night – my rib just felt too sore. At the moment I’m considering it for tonight and will decide for sure later: Let’s see.


Did it!

I braved the -17 C cold and managed to make it to the gym for my first post broken rib training session.

I first entered 30 minutes in the Concept2 computer and decided to start rowing at a conservative 160w / 21 spm. Despite some discomfort, I was pain-free for approximately five minutes, after which it started to hurt every time I reached forward. A couple more minutes later breathing became slightly painful, so I decided to scrap the 30 minute goal and aim for 15 minutes… that was from a fitness point of view a very simple task and I most likely could have rowed through the pain – I just want take it easy and see how I sleep and recover tomorrow.

I then hopped off the C2 and onto the treadmill where I once again took a conservative approach: I started out at 4:48/km on a 1% incline. This was pretty easy and I had no time goal – just run until I feel pain. 17 minutes in I felt so good that I increased the pace to 4:11/km and ran until I hit 30 minutes. Once again, I stopped because I was worried about the consequences for tomorrow: If I feel good then I’ll do it again.

I did notice that I land a little heavier and stiffer on my left foot: the very foot that gets injured (when I do have an injury). I focused on this for the last 15 minutes and tried to alter it – not a simple task. I also decided to lower my arms. I usually carry my fists chest high and as a result need to swing a lot to counter-ballance my stride. I discovered that if I carry the fists closer to my hips I don’t have to swing the arms so much; I suppose it’s because lowering the fists makes the pendulum longer… anyway, I’m now into babble territory, I’ll sign off and wait for the pain of lack off it tonight/tomorrow.


I’ve been i a considerable amount of pain for the last few days. It started on December 23rd while out playing in the deep snow with my daughter. While trying to coax her deeper into the deep snow in the forrest I was diving into it to show her it was harmless. While the snow was indeed harmless, the old tree-stump that was buried beneath the snow and made contact with the right hand side of my rib cage proved not to be.
I was initially a little winded but managed to carry on since I didn’t want my daughter to see that anything was wrong. Later I had a small bruise and a little pain but decided that I was ok. I ran 25 minutes that night and felt no pain. The next day I ran a good 50 minute hilly run and also felt pretty food after that. The next day was a a short but also good and pain free affair. On accident day + 4 I was twenty minutes into a run and felt a pop in my rib area and was -and still am- in considerable pain after it. Pain medication is all but useless so I’m now 6 days from ‘pop-day’ and had to cancel the yearly January 1st run/sauna/swim in hellasgården.
Not a great way to start the year, but I figured that training on an injury is a worse way to begin. Rest and recover and get ready to race this year…