Long Cycle Done…

Well, I finally managed to get a 100+km ride done for the first time in two years. I took it pretty easy which the rather slow 28km/h average speed shows, but nevertheless it’s done. Most certainly there was fatigue towards the end of the ride but it was not like the pain I experienced on Sunday – it was almost a pleasant sensation. I’m now going to take it easy for the rest of the week, recover and then see what I can get done next week… I’ll be a full-time dad for the entire week so any training will be opportunistic.

Home Workout

I didn’t manage to get out to train today, so I did a quick and simple home gym session.

Static leg press, stretch cords, push-pus, core torture super sets for 20 minutes. Not difficult, but better than nothing. Run tomorrow and -not likely, but possibly- a swim… or cycle… or something else!

Rest then Ride…

I had a well needed rest day on Friday and then managed to get a good cycle in today. I hoped for a longer one but for reasons out of my control, I could only get 2h30 done. The wind was pretty terrible and it was a hard slog all the way home. Hopefully I’ll benefit from it: that’s what I was telling myself when I was pushing very hard and seeing speeds on the wrong side of 30km/h.

Tomorrow is run or weights – it completely depends on what I am able to do.

More Cycling

I did another cycle again today – just because I had the time. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have the energy! My heart rate was very low for the entire ride. Elevating it above 140 caused great discomfort so it remained below 130 for pretty much the whole ride. I debated many times (usually when I passed a turn that would take me home quicker) if there was any point cycling this slow and with this low heart rate. As has become usual, the debate was ignored and the two hours that I intended to do got done. Now the questions that remain are;

  • How will I feel in the morning?
  • Was such a slow ride worth the effort?
  • Should I rest tomorrow?

Before I had my shower I also did some push–ups: ( 3 x 7 ) + ( 4 x 8 )  I’ve been building these sets over the past two weeks. I started at 7 x 7 and will progress to 10 x 10, then 20 x 5, 25 x 4 etc…

Run & Bike

I got quite a bit done today. A long-ish run at lunch and a two hour cycle in the evening.

I initially set out at lunch to do the 5km lap in Ursvik but decided later to do the 10k – this brought the total run to a little under 14km. My HR was lower than Monday and my pace was 10 seconds/km faster – it appears that I was indeed very fatigued on Monday.
Once again after missing the deadline to go swimming I decided to da a late cycle. I was out the door at 19:10 for a relatively short two hours. Upon arriving at Drotningholm I decided I’d do 3x 18min HIM intervals. After completing the first one I changed my mind and decided to skip the intervals and just continue to cycle until I got to two hours. I have no idea what my average HR was since the HR monitor was on the blink: it showed HR of over 200 for most of the ride. My average speed was 28,5km/h – not a blistering pace by any means, but it is what it is.

Home Training

I didn’t get a chance to train properly today so I did some home-gym training. Without taking any breaks I did circuits of: stretch-cords (3 positions) followed by push-ups. Then I did 3 x static leg-press. It lasted 17 minutes – hardly the workout of an Ironman but, if only slightly, it’s better than nothing.

I don’t feel the need to rest

…despite having done my biggest week in probably two years. I did a 15km run this lunch time and felt pretty fresh. I might even consider going swimming tonight. The decision ponder at the moment is “When should I take the break I need in order to get the most out of this mini training-block?”. Should I carry it through to Wednesday’s track interval session, rest for a day or two and do a big weekend. Or rest now and train hard Thursday->Sunday? I’m getting very excited now – if I managed to get some swimming into the mix I might actually be able to do the Sala Silverman HIM distance race in six weeks. Let’s see what happens over the next few weeks.



10:31 what? That’s the amount of hours and minutes I trained this week – not a great achievement on my now distant past, however when my 4:40 weekly average for 2009 is taken into account it’s pretty impressive… What’s more impressive is that I’m not actually that tired. I feel that -given the time- I could back that week up with annother 10+ hour week. It sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet now, but I must state that what makes it even more surprising is that the 10 hours consisted of a lot of interval sets. I’m not even close to where I want to be fitness wise, but with the completion of this week, I’m now on the road I want to be on.

Today’s bike ride was more about time on the bike than effort. The number show that: 88km, 3:20, av. HR 133

Annother Run…

I had hoped that I would do a long cycle today but a home project prevented that. The good news is that the project is allmost finished and I also got out for a run. After yesterday’s run -and today’s work- I was reluctant to make a plan before I ran. I decided to go out, run and then make a plan depending on how I felt. It turned out that I felt pretty good and after a rather hilly 20 minute warm-up I hit the track and did 5x400m with 60 seconds rest between sets. All 400s were done in allmost exactly 1:20 (that’s 3:20/km). I’d like to be able to do ten of these some time soon – I think with that I’d be able to get close to a sub-36 minute 10km.

Tomorrow I’d like to get a good long cycle done; something approaching 90km would be nice but -as allways- I might not get the time. If I dd get the 90 km in that would bring my weekly total to just a tad over ten hours. I’d be delighted with that and would also try to see if I could get a few more 10s in this summer. With that I think I’d be able to consider Sala Silverman HIM.

Here’s the graph from the run:



Ran tonight. Didn’t feel good so I endee it prematurely. My legs felt stiff and I couldn’t elevate my HR – there was a time where I would have called this quitting; now I think it is being clever!