Track Time

I’m now physically and mentally tired, nevertheless I’m pretty pleased. I did a nice run today that shows my fitness is on the way up. I did a 10 minute warm-up on the way to the track, there I did:

  • 4 x (1200 w/ 400 very easy recovery)
  • 1600 at AeT HR

All 1200s were under 4:40 and I even considered doing another. Common sense, rather than tiredness was the factor in persuading myself to stop. The 1600 was at 4:44/km average pace (8:03/mile). The idea is that this last part of the workout might be a predictor og my Ironman pace – Purely theoretical, but unless I track it, I’ll never know.


Mystery Swim

I have swam less this year than any year since I began doing triathlons 7 years ago. Despite this, a 1500m test swim I did today resulted in a 40 second PB (22:40). In 2006, when I swam more than ever in my life, a year when I came top 50 in Vansbrosimmet, I swam my previous non-wetsuit PB of 23:20 – What is going on here?
I can only assume that the time on the Concept2 is where those forty seconds were earned. My swim technique is good enough -I use this term very lightly- so that an increase in strength resulted in an improvement in swim times – that, or something else that I can’t think of. Compounding this mystery is the fact that I did not feel fresh today: for a while I considered not swimming so that I could go to bed early!
I’ll accept the result go to bed happy and try to dream of a swim related goal…


…not the athletic type. Big social weekend – in the horrors for most of Sunday. I did an easy 7km, 38 min run on Sunday night and felt ok during and after.

Today I went to the gym. It took all the will power I currently possess.

  • 10 min run
  • 10k C2 (41:21, 183W)
  • Stretch/Sauna

The 10k was supposed to be an easy one – and the time would suggest it was, however, I added some small intervalls in the set:

  • 1000m @ 180W, 22 rpm
  • 4x(200 @ 26 rpm, 800 @ 22 rpm)
  • 4x(250 @ 27-28 rpm, 750 @ 22 rpm)
  • 500 @ 22 rpm, 170W
  • 500 @ 29 rpm, 230W

Time to start plodding ahead with the Lidingö Loppet training. 131 days from today.

Tired Today

Before Tuesday’s run I felt so good that I believed I could finish Stockholm Marathon, a marathon that takes place in 20 days. After the run -which was only 13.5km- I still entertained the possibility One day and 8km later I now see the depth of that deception: Bottomless! I haven’t felt this sensation in my legs in a very long time, not since my 10 hour/week Ironman training days. I now fully realise how unfit I am. The good side of this realisation is that, despite being relatively quick at the moment, I still have a lot of fitness to tap into – consistency is all that is required. I think I’ll do a 10k race on Tuesday and, assuming my time is not abysmal, I’ll base my peak season goal on that result.

Up to my old tricks…

I did something I have not done for over a year: I ran when I shouldn’t have.

I’m only getting back into it, I am tired from last night’s run and the previous day at the gym and I went out for a run because I had nothing better to do. I never felt good for the duration of the run and now feel a couple of niggles in the body. I iced up stretched and now I’ll hope for the best. Hopefully it will be an easy reminder rather than another lesson in humility.

8,02km, 4:26/km, av. HR 147

Very high HR compared to yesterday!

Two definites and a maybe…

Definites#1: I trained hard last night

Definite#2: I am hurting as a result of #1

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea!

In addition to the sore throat I still have from yesterday, I now also have sore arms, legs and chest. However, the reason why I say that it was only ‘maybe’ a bad idea to train yesterday is that I don’t actually feel sick. This leads me on to my next decision in the current roller-coaster year I’m having: swim, run or rest? At the moment the three choices seem equally appealing, but I must wait and see how the body feels later on…

Sitting at home: Baby is sleeping and I’m waiting to be relieved of my duty so I can go training – If it’s not soon I’ll be too late to swim so I’ll have to run.

It was a run:

13,5km, 4:33/km, av. HR: 142, RI: 78

The Running index is a little unbelievable – 7 points up on last week – it could be that my HR is a little low from the hard training last night, that would make the RI higher. Anyway, I can call this Long Run 1 for Lidingö Loppet. What I’ll do is get the long runs up to 1:45 and hold them at that duration. Once I have built to 1:45, I’ll then start to add the race pace run to the weekly schedule. I’ll build that to 70 minutes. Half way through the race pace run build I’ll then add the track sessions. The plan is to build to a training crescendo on September 12th – the start of the taper.

There’s the small matter of Summer holidays in the middle of this – let’s see how I can juggle a family holiday around this plan.

Forced Rest

I rested on Saturday and woke up on Sunday with a sore throat: Nothing too bad, however, I decided not to train. I still feel a little under the weather but I might do an easy hour run tonight, let’s see.

I ran, but not as planned – it ended up being a gym session with pretty much no focus – a bit of everything.

  • 10 minutes run to warm up
  • 10k on the c2 40:44 (mod-hard -> hard)
  • Various weights (arms & legs)
  • 11 min run

Total time was 1:38, which is my longest ever session at the gym – I hope I’ve not invited any other symptoms to join this mild sore throat that I am not so carefully nursing. Tomorrow will reveal all.

A different Approach

This year’s running is turning into something new for me. At the moment it is pretty casual -which in itself is odd for me- but it is also relative fast… I’m not getting to train as much as I need or want so I’m compensating for this by hitting it pretty hard. Tonight’s run was only a measly 8.2km, but the middle 20 minutes of it was done at 4:02/km and the average for the set (including w/u and w/d) was 4:11.

I have no idea how this will help me in the long run, since 4:02 is neither my marathon or 10k pace, so I’m not at all sure if training at a speed that I will never use is any good. It’s time to re-read Jack Daniels and get some information,focus and a short-term goal…

Overall I feel generally very fit, just not specificaly fit – time to work on that.

Tough Row

I did a pretty hard session on the C2 last night:

  • 1000m at 210W
  • 4 x (300m 150W/1000m 225W)
  • 200m 150W
  • 1200m 230W
  • 400m 150w
  • 2000m 210W, build to 230W

Practically fell off the thing. My triceps were sore from last night’s swim – It could be time for a rest.