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Run, Swim, Read

I did a short run and a short swim. Both short because of the row and strength training I did the day before. Swim wasn’t that slow but as is the case when specific fitness is lost, the fatigue set in pretty fast afterwards. I’m now feeling the effects pretty hard.

Last year was my worse reading year ever – I doubt I even read ten books.
To address this, I’m going to set a goal: 52-52 That is to say, read 52 books in 52 weeks. I’ve started already so expect to finish before new years eve 2016.

Book #1 is: “A Brief History of Seven Killings” by Marlon James. Start with a classic.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 15.43.45

The plan is to mix fiction and non-fiction but the emphasis being on fiction.
One book a week. Shouldn’t be too difficult.


Went swimming with the club last night.

Felt pretty strong during the entire set. I’m getting a little tired of the new format however. Since the club hired a new trainer we are forced to do Swim Smooth sets. I’d estimate that up to 70% of the set is not normal swimming.
I’m wondering if there is any evidence that Swim Smooth actually works; nobody in the club seems to want to question it at all.


While still in considerable pain I decided to go for a swim on Saturday.
I went to the local pool with no plan other than: swim for an undetermined amount of time.
I jumped in and swam. Intending to do a warm-up before deciding what to do. That warm-up never ended.
I finally finished off with 3,100m in 49 minutes. A nice easy swim.
Topped it off with 10 minuted in the Sauna.
Job done.


This shows my lack of form and fitness. Pace dips, SWOLF increases considerably throughout the set.
The fix is simple: swim more.

What now?

Swam last night – starting to get it back slowly but surely. Last night’s swim felt good throughout; I didn’t drop pace in the end like I have don in the previous two swims. I’ll be back to good form in now time.

I have a potential goal in the works: try to go sub-40 in a difficult 10km race in 10 days. Coming off a season of pretty much no running and taking my current form into account it would seem to be an impossible task. I’ll see how much running I can get done in the next few days. If I’m able to do good volume and remain injury (or niggle) free then I’ll give it a go.

MTB ride tomorrow.

Trainer tonight perhaps?

Things are going good.

Swim Two

Second time at the club’s swim training and I’m starting to feel better already.
There was a noticeable improvement on last week however the depth of my fitness was exposed towards the end of the set when I really had to dig hard just to hold pace.

Having the HRM only confirmed this feeling. HR crept up and up throughout the entire workout. If I had been fit this would not have been the case:


Swim – Bike

Took the plunge and went swimming with the club last night. I usually try to get a few solo swims before I go back and shame myself but last night I just decided to go. No real swimming since last May. Turned out to be the right decision. I was ok until the last ten minutes… even then I wasn’t too bad. I did feel my form slip for the second half of the set. I’ll get that sorted pretty quickly though.

Today I did a lunch time MTB rode with Richie. He pretty much left me for dead on anything resembling a hill but I enjoyed being out nonetheless. Lovely Autumn day.


I forgot to mention – I tried out my new Garmin Swim pulse band. It records your HR while swimming. In principal it works – I had a HR curve on garmin connect after I swam. Unfortunately when I overlay HR and Pace (HR and any other metric actually) the HR graph is about 30% shorter than. My guess is that the HR is not being recorded during the rest intervals and the other metrics are. I’ll have a read around and see what I find.

Big Week

By my standards, this has been a big week: 9:31 of pretty good quality training. The churches loop on Wednesday took it’s toll on me so I took a day to recover. Having done so, I headed north of Stockholm to do the Sälna loop. 64km done at an average of 31,5km/h – solo and on a pretty windy day.
This ride was steady with 5 interval sets thrown in the mix:
5 min @ 245W av.
9 min @ 221W av.
17 min @ 217W av.
5 min @ 252W av.
I was drained afterwards and probably even more so the net day. I attempted to ride the NICK trail on the MTB at 9:30 the next morning. The legs felt bad at the start but I assumed they would come around.. that never happened. Mentally and physically I struggled around the loop and went home to rest… or so I thought.

My neighbor bullied me into to doing a swim-run with him. Nine km total split up as about one km swimming and the rest running. We took it easy and I really enjoyed it. Sunday was a day of rest and today I’m ready to rock again.

Run Every Day

I eventually got around to running again last night. Short, easy and slow. The plan is to run 25 minutes or more every day for ten days. No goal other than the previous sentence.
After the ten days I start training. The other obvious rule: stop if I feel an injury coming on.

I’m also going to try to get into swimming again and am just on my way to swim in an outdoor 50m pool.
I’ll report back how that went later on.


Just back from swimming. It was bad… pretty bad pace, power, feel for the water. You name it and it was bad.
I could go back and analyze the lack of training and discover exactly how it got this bad but I’m not going to do that. I know where I am and I know what I have to do. Swim more and swim more often.
Time to shame myself:
1100m @ 1:42/100m
11x100m on 1:50 – First one in 1:36, there was a steady fade throughout the set to 1:43 (ouch!)

I have an easy run to get through tonight and then I’m back on the bike again tomorrow.