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Catch up…

I’ve been busy for two weeks; not busy running unfortunately, but busy nonetheless. As a result I missed two runs. A long one and an M-Paced one. It’s probably not a bad thing since I probably needed the recovery after my last long run.

16.9, 20.9, 23.6 & 25.5 have been my progression so far.
The M-Paced ones have been 9, 11 & 14 today.

This week my HR has been high. This is strange. A low HR usually means that one is over trained or on the verge of being so. A high HR? Not too sure on this… It’s a new one to me.

Anyway, I’m tired and rambling.
Since my last entry on September 8th I have done.
11.1km @ 4:14/km
25.5km @ 4:48/km – this hurt!
14.1km @ 4:19/km – today, and this too was surprisingly difficult.

The question is, with 37 days remaining, how much fitter can I get?
As it reliably and consistently does; time will tell.

Ramble over.