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The Plan

The framework I noted last week is getting some meat on it:

Jan 1st – March 4th: Base

1 SS session on the rollers

    •  Increase the duration of this each week. Something like:
      • 5 x 9 SS
      • 4 x 9 SS + 1 x 9 FTP
      • 6 x 9 SS
      • 5 x 9 SS + 1 x 9 FTP
      • 7 x 9

1 VO2 Max session on the rollers
1 ride outside (I’m probably going to by studded tyres!)

March 5th – April 16th: Build

Outside as much as possible (some short race pace intervals during long ride)
1 hard roller session (2 – 5 min intervals at very high power )
1 2 x 20 @ FTP session

April 16th – May 1st: Peek. Very hard shit.

Outside session (lots of race pace intervals)
Distance session builds intensity. Under/over race pace. Strong finish.

May 7th – Race

Or something like that!

Winter has hit hard here. To help with the outdoor riding I just bought these:


Good Start

I’ve got a good start to the year.

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 10.18.08

Something almost every day – took Wednesday off because I was tired.
As well as consistency, there was a good mix of intensities.

What is important now is to get a routine when I get back to work and stat to build to Lidding MTB.

Hopefully I’ll get a good set on the rollers tonight… let’s see what time allows.

129 Days – Where am I?

Lidingö MTB is in 129 days from today.

I’m a lot fitter than I was this time last year but not where I hoped to be. In addition to the extra fitness I have I have also eventually gotten into a regular weight training session.

Yesterday I hit the gym and after an easy enough 10km on the concept2 rower I did my now usual set. The squats and deadlifts that were causing considerable pain only two weeks ago were easy today. No (left) knee strain on the squats and no hamstring pain. I’m really enjoying the gym actually, I’ve been putting it off for five years. What remains to be seen if there is actually any benefit to be had from having the extra strength… I’ve read the arguments and counter arguments and have decided that the only way I’ll know is if I try.

With 129 days remaining I’m going to have to get a framework built now.
That’s 18 weeks.
With a 2 week race prep + 1 week taper at the end that leaves 15 weeks of base and build

So April 16th is when race specific prep (peek) needs to be started.
Taking a 6 week build before that makes build period start on March 5th.
Which leaves 9 weeks of base.

Jan 1st – March 4th: Base
March 5th – April 16th: Build (add race intensity intervals at the end of a long ride).
April 16th – May 1st: Peek. Very hard shit.
May 7th – Race

Goal: Top 50 (From 88th last year)

Tired – Ready to Go!


I’ve started training – I’ve started with a bang and am now in a little bit of a hole. Too much too soon, but recognizing it is a positive step and all I have to do is back off for a little while and then continue at a steadier pace.
The chart above shows that I’m ahead of where I was this time last year. The goal is to build STEADILY for the next 12 weeks which will take me to the beginning of February.
Then an eight week build from Feb 1st – March 28th
Then 5 weeks Peak from March 29th to May 2nd
Then a 1 week Taper

Time To Back Off

I’ve finally got rolling again – I’m training nearly every day now and training twice a day at least once a week.
The result is twofold: I’m addicted to training again but I’m tired. Blood pressure is low and I very nearly fainted getting out of bed today.
I’ll take the good – that I’m back training and try to mitigate the bad by taking an extra rest day this week. Keep going but remember what I’m training for.
It’s a long time until May…

What now?

Swam last night – starting to get it back slowly but surely. Last night’s swim felt good throughout; I didn’t drop pace in the end like I have don in the previous two swims. I’ll be back to good form in now time.

I have a potential goal in the works: try to go sub-40 in a difficult 10km race in 10 days. Coming off a season of pretty much no running and taking my current form into account it would seem to be an impossible task. I’ll see how much running I can get done in the next few days. If I’m able to do good volume and remain injury (or niggle) free then I’ll give it a go.

MTB ride tomorrow.

Trainer tonight perhaps?

Things are going good.

Big Week and Running

Finished a relatively big week totaling nearly 8 hours… not big in absolute terms but when my weekly average for the wear sitting at four and a half hours it gives one an idea of what I mean.

What led to the big increase is a combination of a number of factors:
Very mild Autumn, so there is good opportunities to train on the bike still.
I’ve returned to swimming with the club.
Lastly, my running is eventually getting some regular attention.

I’m enjoying getting outside and training – I’ll keep doing so until the weather forces me indoors. Hopefully I will be in pretty good shape by then.

Goals for next year are set on a high level:
Run regularly.
300w Peek 5 min power… this will allow me to attack in a B-Class race.

I’ll get more detailed as the season approaches.
Hopefully I’ll get a swim tonight.

MTB Season Closing Fast

It’s getting pretty slippery out there on the trails. I should just put the bike away and focus on other things until next year. Yesterday I attempted to do a lap of the local trail and -while any chance of putting in a fast time is gone- I had some good fun doing an easy lap and trying to find new lines. So much so that I’ve now bought two new tyres in the hope that they will extend the season by a few weeks.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Snakeskins. TrailStar up front and a PaceStar out back.

That now puts me three pairs of tyres down that never ending rabbit-hole in the search for MTB traction.

Training is good in general. Back on track. Running is nearly regular again.
On the down side: that saddle sore came back yesterday. Going to have to go biblical on it now.

Weekend plans: MTB ride and 50-60 minute run. Try to sneak a swim too.

Next Year

It’s time to plan next year. Planning races was never my weak point; planing the training for to do very well in those planned races was always my limiter.
The way I should go about it this year is to list my limiters and then compare that to the type of cyclist I could be. Work on it from there.

Lidingö MTB was the first race this year and will also be my first race next year.
To do well in Lidingö you need to:
Be as light as possible on race day.
Be able to manage a strong surges for all the hills – approximately 46 punchy hills in the race.
Hills are distributed as follows:

First 10km:12 short sharp and fast hills. All hills are under 2 minutes but are attacked very hard. Key is recovery on the downhills.

10-25km: Only 10 hills but they are longer with three of them being about three minutes.

25-35km: Nine hills in this section.Five are about 2 minutes. one is three minutes, the others are under a minute.

35-46km: This is easy. Three small hills (1 min, 2 min, 1:30). Time to shake out the legs.

46-50km: Three punchy hills and then very rolling terrain.

50-59km: This is where you’re likely to blow up. 12 hills in 9km. Five of them are significant (4,3,2,2,2 minutes. Very steep too). There is the one only technical section of the course here, between 54 and 55km – very steep climb followed by a rocky technical descent. It it’s wet it’s going to be tricky.

59-63km: Downhill.

So there needs to be a long ride once a week and lots of hard intervals during the week on the trainer.

To be continued…