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Keep on Truckin’

I felt the run in my body last night – BP was probably quite low and legs were a little stiff today. Despite that I think I’ll keep the load on today. The plan is to do an EASY 10km row at lunch and then swim with the club. Assess tomorrow if I can continue or else schedule a one day rest.


Only Swam tonight. So that leaves me quite fresh for tomorrow. Perhaps fresh enough for a 10km Concept2 set followed by 5km on the treadmill.


Monday was a 40 min swim and Tuesday was a 40 minute turbo set. Triathlon logic would have me run today but I would like to do 10km on the Concept2. Time pressure may decree that I do neither but let’s see how it goes. I think I am in good enough shape to start swimming with SCT again. Tomorrow is the target for that.



Holding Back

That’s the theme for this week: hold back the effort, increase the hours.

Yesterday I kept the theme alive with a relatively easy 10km on the Concept2
Av. HR: 147
MHR: 157
2,5km Splits: 10:25 / 10:22/ 10:22 / 10:22

Tomorrow – run.

A little bit of intensity

I did a small bit of relatively high intensity work during the weekend.

Friday I did a treadmill run where I varied the pace between 14,4km/h and 16km/h for 30 minutes:

4:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
1:30 @ 14,4km/h
0:30 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:00 @ 16km/h
4:30 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
1:30 @ 16km/h
3:00 @ 14,4km/h
2:00 @ 16km/h
2:00 @ 14,4km/h
3:00 @ 16km/h

Then I backed it up with a 30 min swim.

Sunday was a test run followed by a 20 minute swim.
The test was a simple 42 min run:
First 40 minutes @ 14,2km/h, take a lap every 10 minutes. Plot the Av. HR and 10 minute HR and drift.
Last two minutes; run like you stole something.

I then only had time for a 20 minute swim. Great result in the swim – It was 4 seconds/100m faster than my previous swims this year. My first step-up in swimming performance this year.

If I can find the time I will do an EASY 10km row today.

1/4 Progression

I felt pretty lethargic today. I postponed my planned session twice before finally driving down to the gym to do my planned 10km AeT row.
The only thing is that I didn’t do the set I planned.

The first 500m took an eternity – then I started to come good… Very good. The stroke felt fluid and I was getting faster and faster. Then I hit the first 2,5km split: 10:09. I carried on rowing at what I believed to be a similar effort and the next two splits showed this not to be true: 10:04, 10:01. Then I decided to go for it; I upped the pace for the next km and then hammered the last 1,5km. The 2,5km splits were: 10:10, 10:04, 10:01, 9:50.

I’ll take it relatively easy for the next three rows and then repeat the 1/4 progression row. It’s something to be used sparingly from now on.


…not a reference to a bible quote; that’s my training volume this week.

It’s the most I’ve done since my end of season break and I feel pretty good.
Running form is coming back a little quicker than I expected and the MTB fun is pretty much over for the year which means that the trainer is calling. My HOPE is that the rowing combined with the MTB ‘training’ will have kept my cycling form somewhat in check. I’ll get on the trainer this week and benchmark my fitness to check the validity of that assumption.

My week was topped off with a 10km Concept2 session on Saturday followed by an early morning run on Sunday.

Today I feel tired but may run later nonetheless.

I will also be reading up on lactate testing.
Is it dead?
Is it worth investing in a LactatePro 2?
Is a Power Meter enough?

Rest and Rock it!

I rested on Wednesday after Tuesday’s efforts and hit it pretty hard yesterday.

I did 50 minutes on the MTB – not a lot I know, but conditions are getting a little sketchy on the trail.

I did 10km on the Concept2 in 40:45 – this was pretty easy.

I then did a very short but very difficult swim set.

7×100 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100
6×50 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100
4×50 – decrease time by 4 seconds every 100
5×100 – decrease time by 2 seconds every 100

Hurt. Like. Hell.

I have been resting for the day and may decide to run tonight if I feel ok.
HRV was down by 11 today which suggests that training should be easy.
I will most likely row 10km tomorrow also.

End of Season Break Ended

That’s it now. Nearly four weeks of nearly no training.
I got back at it on Friday with a very short treadmill run followed by a reasonable restrained effort on the Concept2.
5000m in 20:29 – the goal was to keep my heart rate low, with the long term goal in mind: Rowing more than 15km in 60 minutes.

On Saturday I did an easy late run. Just 30 minutes. I don’t want to get injured so I am taking things very easy for now.

Sunday I got out on the MTB for two laps of NICK Spår. I only planned on doing one but when I finished it I didn’t feel like going home. I decided to keep cycling until I felt the need to go home. That turned out to be after completing the second lap. It was not a fast affair at all – the wet conditions slowed me down to a crawl at times. Still, good fun though.
To complete y return to training I planned to run to and from work today.
Part one went well. JUst 4km to work, took it easy but it felt great. So great that I decided to take a longer route home – via Edsviken. All went well until about 20 minutes into the run where I notices that I had phased out a bit. I realised that I was dizzy and felt faint. I kept running for another 10 minutes before I had to stop. I limited the stop to 1 minute, ran for 5 more, walked a minute and then managed to ‘run’ the rest of the way home.
I guess training 4 days in a row is not the ideal method to get back into things. If I recover properly no though it could function as a good springboard to fitness.

See how I feel tomorrow and make a new plan from there.