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Run – Lift

There’s not so much to say about it really. I did a 30 minute run as a warm up and followed it with 40 minutes of weights.

Squats are getting better – that strain I used to feel in my left knee is pretty much gone. During just one of my 48 squats today I experienced a minor sensation in the loft knee though it was nothing like it used to be.

Mob legs are definitely getting stronger but I can’t say I feel the same about my upper body. I still don’t feel a pump in my upper body.

I suppose it takes time. It’s a completely new training stimulus for me and add that to the fact that I’m not young… things take time.

Tomorrow is a swim for sure and a bike ride if I can squeeze it in.


Today was a filler day that had a couple of fillers in the day… What does that mean? It means that I didn’t train specifically and that I trained a couple of times during the day when I could squeeze it in.

Started with a 30 minute very easy morning swim. Nothing more to say about that.

Then later in the evening I had a free slot so I did 5km on the Concept2 followed by 20 minutes on the skiErg. Not a difficult day but over an hour of movement – has to count for something.

Run, Lift

Two days rest and I was back at it last night.

I started out with a run – I’ve been too easy on myself this year with the running so I did a slightly more difficult set last night:

42 minutes as 3 min @ 14km/h – 2:00 @ 15km/h
This was not difficult and actually passed the time much better than ‘just running’. It was nice to have a finish line every two or three minutes.

I followed that up by lifting weights.
Firstly I worked my upper body until my legs recovered and by the time I got to the squat rack I decided that I probably have not being doing it right in the past. Today today I decided to try to blitz my legs with 5 x 8 sets. Job done on that front. From now on that will be the minimum set.

Tomorrow I’ll do the 9:00 / 1:00 Sweetspot set – maybe even do a row too. I may as well over plan and say I’m doing a swim too 🙂


Big Day

Had a pretty big day today – considering it was a weekday and I’m busy at work.

I started by sneaking home during lunch and doing 5×9:00 Sweet Spot session . This was my first time doing the session with my new FTP and I definitely noticed the difference; it had been getting too easy before my last FTP test.

Had I the time I would have done 6×9:00 but I didn’t, so I didn’t.

Moving along to the evening, I had spare time so I paid a visit to the gym and did some pulling.

First I did an easy 5km on the Concept2.

Then I did a not easy 20 minutes on the SkiErg.

I think it’s only my third time ever on the SkiErg… the first two times left me somewhat scarred. Being tired tonight made me just take it easy. So I wasn’t stressed and quite enjoyed it. Embarrassingly so, but in the interests of full disclosure, I managed to pull myself a mere 4166m in 20 minutes. That’s not only not good, it’s on the bad side of ‘pretty bad’.

Job done.

Not Enough

One strength session per week is not enough… It’s not like running/swimming/cycling or any of the ‘aerobic’ activities. Last night, I ran and did a strength session for the first time in a week. The running was fine – no better or worse than last week. The strengths session was tough. Very tough. Almost like starting out again in some respects.

I sit here today shelled. I feel like a shadow of myself. I need to get to the gym twice a week. One big session of 40 minutes or so and one shorter 20-25 minute session.


After yesterday’s FTP test I expected to be tired today. My legs felt a burn every time I walked up a set of stairs so the gym session that I planned during lunch was scrapped.

Later in the evening I felt restless so I went to the gym. Got there a little after 9 and did an easy 40 minute run to get a feel for how much stress I could take. 13.8km/h felt very easy throughout and I was unable to resist the temptation to go faster at the end. The last 4 minutes I ran at 3:56/km and it too felt very easy.

On to the strength session and the legs started to strain under the workload. I had 5kg less than usual on the squat rack and found it very difficult. Very nearly couldn’t do the last set; the third of 3 x 8.

Because of the leg stress I decided to go over and do the chin-ups. That went extraordinarily well… 4 x 7 switching between palms out and palms in on alternate sets. Did some more legs and normal and raised bench press (machine) and finished out with seated rows. I was shaking after that. Total time of 24 minutes.

Tomorrow I plan to run outside.

Easy. Just get out and feel the cold fresh air.

Run & Lift

Did a pre-breakfast session today.
Started out with a simple 30 minute run.
First 22 minutes @ 13,6km/h
Then 2 x [ 1 min @ 4,5 slope, 2 min @ 1 degree ]
Finally 2 minutes @ 15,6km/h

I then went to the weights room and tried to do a structured weight session… the experimenting phase is over and it’s now time to get a proper set done regularly.
The set will be as follows:

3 x 7 bicep curls
3 x 7 triceps dips
3 x 8 shoulder press
3 x 8 seated bench press
3 x 8 incline chest press
3 x 10 free weight squatt
3 x 10 deadlift
3 x 10 seated cable row
3 x 10 lat pulldown
3 x 10 leg extesion
3 x 10 machie abb crunch



Back It Up

I backed up the FTP test with the usual 30 minute baseline run followed by a quick strength session (quick because the gym closed).

The run test wend OK and showed some signs of fitness.
Last time I did it I had a HR of 161 at the end. Today I had 154.

The strength training was a little more structured than last effort:
3 x 5 Squats @ 40kg (Free Weights)
3 x 5 Cleans @ 35km (Free Weights)
7,9,11 Quad Extensions (Machine wit decreasing weight throughout)
10,12,14 Seated Row (Machine same weight throughout)

Structure is growing into the set… not long now until I know what I’m doing.


I’m back at it big time now… unfortunately.
For about three years I’ve been promising myself that I would start doing weights in the off-season and for three years I’ve not done that.
Yesterday, after a fairly tough two days I did the following:
45 minutes mod-hard on the MTB. Cleat came off so I took the shortest route home and did a punishing 17 minutes on the trainer to take me past the hour.
Went back to work and decided to go to the gym on the way home.
Started out with 10 minutes running @ 4:30/km – easy stuff.
Then I went into the weights room and over did it. My DOMS usually takes 40 hours to peak; I’m sitting here typing after only 17 hours and almost every muscle aches.
I did:
Bicep culs (machine)
Tricep extensions (machine)
Shoulder press (machine)
Inclined shoulder press (machine)
Squats (free weights)
Cleans (free weights)
Seated Cable Row (machine)
Lat Pull-Downs (machine)

I’ll recover and one the pain subsides I’ll make it a regular thing.
Of course I need to design a set – yesterday was just breaking the ice (and the body).

Saturday Fun

I finally started my strength program with a bang.
Two pairs of dumbbells (two different weights) and a kettle bell were enough to the ball rolling.

I had absolutely no plan upon beginning but ended up doing three eight minute super-sets with two minutes rest between each set.
Sunday morning started with pain and today wasn’t much different. A swim might be the best way to get some training done today… let’s see what opportunities arise.