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A Few More Days

Today it no longer hurts to drive a car. I can also climb in and out of the car without moaning or groaning. A sneeze yesterday did cause extreme pain but I think I can give light training a go on Thursday; or perhaps I should just wait until Monday – what difference will it make in the long run?

Going crazy!

For the record – when I look back many years from now: It’s the 9th and 10th Right Posterior Ribs.

Pain intensified from Day one to Day three.
Day five and six there was significant reduction in pain.
Tried light training after six days.
Pain returned day seven.



Catch Up

Back from holidays and need to catch up on training.

I tested the (left) foot again last night and it seemed ok. It felt strange though – which is not good. Today there is no pain but last time I tested it the pain only came after two days… 36 hours of waiting until I know.
I’ll write a post about my Italy cycling later on.

Testing The Foot

I have been pain free for three days now so I decided to attempt a run. The doctor advised me to run when I feel no pain and somehow I managed to wait an extra three days. This is uncharacteristic for me but I think it illustrates the fear I’m carrying regarding this injury.
I did feel something on a couple of occasions during the run but nothing that I could classify as pain. Just now as I type I feel a crawling sensation on the dorsal foot, around the metatarsals… strange but not pain. The injury being soft tissue in nature means that I have to wait until tomorrow before I declare myself fit or otherwise.,, Eight hours and counting.

As for as the actual run, it went well. I ran the Ursvik 10km at a pretty easy but steady pace. JUst getting the legs moving again. A couple of hours before the run I also did a 20 minute home strength session. Mainly focusing on upper body and core with no rest between exercises – pretty difficult and I think I will pay for it dearly tomorrow.

The possibility of having two things in the post for the morning.

Foot Update

The progression is as weird as the injury.
It’s painless when I wake up and is very sore when I step out of bed.
Throughout the day the pain varies.
I did a 50 minutes trainer set today and there was absolutely no pain whatsoever on the bike, and to add to the puzzle, there was virtually no pain for a couple of hours after the bike ride. Later in the day it was not bad at all. Blood flow helping somehow perhaps?
I swam in Ösbysjön with Magnus tonight. Similar to the other two times except this time I did some tempo efforts on the return leg of each lap. Only 38 minutes but solid training and more open water practise.

Not All Glory…


Taking these for the next 10 days!

After coming home from the race all was well – except I was quite tired. I carried on with my day and around three or four o’clock I had to walk down to teh local shop. I put on my runners and felt a slight pain on the outside of my arch on my left foot; nothing serious.

Next morning when I awoke I felt nothing… until I put weight on my foot. I could hardly walk! I noticed that after about five minutes walking the pain reduced quite significantly. The remainder of the day was spent in denial and upon waking up on Tuesday morning, where the pain was worse, I decided to get myself to the hospital.
Three X-Rays (for a suspected stress fracture) later I was released with the pills above and the following advice: “Take it easy.”
Upon asking when can I run again, I got the reply:”When it does not hurt”.
Can I swim or cycle? was answered with: “If it doesn’t hurt.”

With that pragmatic advice I went directly for a swim and discovered that there was no pain at all – even pushing off the wall.
Tonight I’ll try to cycle. Running is most likely going to be at least a week in the future. Not too bad.