Stockholm Cup #2 – Arlanda Test Track

No points tonight – it simply isn’t a course that suits me. Had they the stat/finish line on the other, more technical side of the track then maybe but a wide open 700m straight sprint is not a thing I’ll ever compete in.

In summary, the race was very easy, then impossible when the sprint started.

Not much more to say about it.

Lidingö MTB

Lidingö MTB 2016 – this was to be a race where I would show how much I have improved since last year. It’s unlike a road bike race in that you can’t draft. Very honest and shows all the cracks in fitness.

My last recon went well – 20 minutes faster than the equivalent recon last year.

Got to the start. Feeling good. Great weather. Fast fast start.
Last year there was an extremely fast start but I settled down after a couple of minutes. Not so this year. I was redlining it for far too long. Burning matches I probably didn’t have. Finally, after about 8 minutes of madness I said to myself “take your own pace up this hill”. I hit the steep hill, changed down on the front ring and my drivetrain disintegrated.


back2I have absolutely no idea what happened and I immediately regretted not bringing tools with me. On brief inspection it looked like it cold be fixed. I though that it may have just ‘come loose’.

When I finally got a tool and attempted to fix it I noticed there was no fixing it. The rear derailleur was twisted completely out of shape, the jockey wheel was broken, the hanger threads were sheared and the hanger itself was bent.  As they said in ‘lock stock and two smoking barrels’ it was “proper fucked”.

Lessons learned? None. This happens.

I managed to get out for a run later in the evening… it’s been on the back burner for quite some time now. So that’s good that I managed to do that.


Knivsta vs Fiskartorpet

Had you asked me I would have said that Fiskartorpet GP was much easier than Knivsta GP. The CP curve below tells a different story.


Fiskartorpet CP curve above shows much higher intensities also a bigger area under the curve.


Knivsta, which felt much more intense doesn’t look as hard. Lower top end.

This tells me that the time in Z5 is what is killing me. Top end seems to be ok.

More thinking required.


Fiskartorpet GP – Race #2 2016

I entered the B-Class race tonight… that’s pretty much where I belong! All went well. No problems, never thought I’d get dropped and I even had a couple of attacks off the front.  A few times I got stick up the front for quite some time and nobody wanted to come around me – driveing miss Daisy pace.

I was very well positioned on the last lap, half way around there was a mini attack which I also was a part of. Then an Ängby CC rider came past me and I decided that this was the wheel to follow. All excellent decisions.

Next thing I know Ängby CC guy darts off to the left onto the gravel and gets in front of the bunch. I wasn’t going on the gravel so I had to think of what to do. Thinking took too long and I ended up in no mans land. Further brain farts left me coming around the final corner in the wrong gear. This stopped me from gaining any additional places and actually assisted a rider to come by me on the line.

So tactics, smarts and experience cost me big today.

As it happened, my gut to follow the Ängby CC guy was correct – he won.

I came in 8th – 59 points in Stockholm cup.


Lidingö Recon

IMG_8727Did the whole course today and felt pretty good doing so. Also, it was my first ride in shorts this year. It felt great!

I did the same recon last year and it took me 20 minutes longer – does this mean that I can expect to finish the race 20 minutes quicker this year?

I think not.

The goal is still: Top 50 / Sub 2:30:00

The confidence level is low-moderate

The realistic finish time is 2:33:30 – Which I suppose would do… which would be 6 minutes quicker than last year.


Race #1 2016

The first race of the year is complete. I now know how my training has improved my performance from last year.

The race was not exactly the right one to highlight my strengths but it showed some strengths and some areas of improvements.

It was a 1km loop. 40 minutes + 1 lap. Last year the group split in two almost immediately and I was in the second group. I punctured after about 10 minutes so have no idea how I would have done.

Last night I held the front group through the first two laps – so that was already better than last year. The first lap was the second fastest lap of the race – 43,5km/h average speed. When you consider there is two sharp corners in the 1km of that lap you can get an idea of how fast that was.

I managed to hang on through more than a few rough moments. There were four or five really tough laps during which I nearly got dropped but somehow didn’t. Finally, after about 30 minutes the elastic snapped and I left the group. That was after the fastest lap of the race – I simply couldn’t recover after it.

The take-home?

I didn’t train those sprints.

Kniv-powerYou can see the 20 and 30 second power intervals where then ones that were outside my trained limits. All others were trained to some degree but they weren’t trained in the manner in which they were required last night. I can work on that.

The good part is that I managed to bridge gaps even when I thought I was stretched to my limit. You could say that I found a new limit last night.

Some movies:

From 13:08 in the one above

Hills and Run-Bike

Two days, two training sessions and three activities.

Starting to work on a big overload period. Eight days of overload remaining. Then a rest, a small overload and a 3 day taper.

Today’s session was a 30 minute run directly followed up by 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

The 30 minute run felt good. Solid pace good legs.
I had no pan when I jumped on the spinning bike. I did a moderately hard 10 minutes and then switched into 20 minutes of 0:40 hard, standing, 0:20 easy grinding a very low cadence.

As if that wasn’t enough – and it wasn’t – I then got on the rollers at 10:10 last night and did 10 minutes at  210w + followed by the 0:40/0:20 VO2 max session. To make it interesting I didn’t look at the computer; I just went on time and feel. Numbers were good – a little up and down but no fade throughout the set. Happy with that!It looked like this:


Run, Lift and Rest

After Saturday and Sunday cycling I should have had a complete rest today. Though, following my new ‘cycle every day’ plan I should have been on the bike. I did neither. I did a pre-work gym session during which I ran for 30 minutes and then did 20 minutes of primarily leg strength training.

Today I’m in pain. It’s most likely from the running. Today I’ll ride the bike though… and try to keep riding it every day until I go to Edinburgh.

Not so long to go now.
The hard groundwork is done.
Keep the fire burning.