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Marathon is a long way away…

It’s not looing good for Stockholm Marathon – a marathon that is only seven and a half weeks away. I’ve been thinking about it and the only way I will make it to the start line -in a level of fitness that I should be at- is by pushing it on the training. History has thought me that this method injures me 100% of the time; For some, crash training is an injury risk, for me,  it is an injury certainty.

I suppose the new plan has to be to just take it relatively easy and stay within my limits – remain injury free; If that means not making the start line then so be it. I have other goals to reach this year. I’d like to be fast on the bike again among other things.

I’ll skip the lunch time run today and swim tonight.

Back from the swim:

200 w/u

300 technique

32×50 threshold pace, on 00:55 (All 50s under 00:45)

200 w/d

I’m tired in every way – it’s time to recover and then get as big a weekend in as I can.

Marathon Replanning

I believe that this is my third time replanning this Marathon; a Marathon that will take place eight weeks from Saturday. Time is of the esscence and at this stage even my most secret thoughts do not think of running a PB. I am still hoping to go faster than the 3:15 I ran last year however, so the new plan -Plan III- is as follows:

Week 8 – 20 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:15, 60 min w/ 20 min @ 4:20/km
Week 7 – 23 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:15, 60 min w/ 2×15 min @ 4:20/km
Week 6 – 25 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:10, 60 min w/ 30 min @ 4:20/km
Week 5 – 28 km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:10, 60 min w/ 2×20 min @ 4:20/km
Week 4 – 30km run:walk 10:1, 10×800 on 3:05, 60 min w/ 40 min @ 4:20/km
Week 3 – 30 km run:walk 20:1, 10×800 on 3:05, 60 min w/ 2×25 min @ 4:20/km
Week 2 – 30 km just run, 10×800 on 3:00, 60 min w/ 50 min @ 4:20/km

This looks quite aggressive, but if I survive it I think I’ll do ok out of it; It just remains to be seen if I have the fitness to start -and recover from- this program. At the first sign of trouble the 800s and the 4:20/km runs will be dropped – they will be replacd with either some easier running or rest as I see fit (or unfit!). The long runs are not negotiable, I’ll split them into double run days if I have to, but they must be done. That’s that … Now let’s see if there is a “Plan IV” coming soon.

I also managed to get a bit of training done today:

The usual 9.5k run that takes in the Ursvik 5k loop – ran with Richie and Johan. I should avoid training with anyone -especially these beasts- for a couple of weeks… The guys dealt me a rather large can of whoop-ass today; I hung on until about 2km to go on the 5k and then went BANG! That was me done for the day. Pace was too high, HR was too high and, if I am to be completely honest, my training load this week is also too high, considering I’m coming back from a two week sickness.

I may -just may- go swimming tonight… lets see what the body tells me later on.

I did go swimming in the end. It was pretty easy and my paces are not too bad considering the fact that a/ I have not swam for one month, b/ I have been sick for two weeks and c/ I am TIRED from the previous three days training. I’ll get some recovery in now and get ready for the long run on Friday. The swim set was:

  • 200 w/u
  • 12×50 technique
  • 300 skulling
  • 7×100 (1:27,1:30,1:30,1:32,1:34,1:34,1:34)
  • 6×50 max
  • 200 w/d