To phrase it in the most dramatic way: the rib gave out last night and I’m back to square one!
Or not so dramatically: after 29 minutes of a planned 60 on the concept2, I got a pain in my rib that forced me to stop – something I don’t do easily.
Today I feel better but not good which leaves me with the dilemma – what do I do now? The options are limited:
1/ Rest (R.I.C.E.) – even if I don’t know how to implement the ‘E’ part of that particular recovery method!
2/ Train lightly – avoiding the rowing machine for a while.
3/ Ignore the pain and keep on truckin’.
4/ Row across the Baltic next weekend.
Being a conservative optimist, the likelyhood is that my decision will fall sonmewhere between option 1 and 2…

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