Running is progressing nicely. I managed a 12,5km run today – with little or no pain. The softly, softly approach -while annoying- seems to be proving to be a winner. Who knows, maybe I’ll come out fitter than I expected since all my runs are coming out at 4:30/km at a ‘steady’ effort. If I could build my long run up at this speed the possibilities would be pretty promising. I know I have a Sub-2:50 marathon in me; I wonder if I’ll ever get it out?


How often was I sick/injured? What time of year did this happen?
Almost never sick.
Injured after Lidingöloppet: A race I was not prepared for.

When did my motivation peak?
May – I lost it before my planned A race.
I started specific training too soon.
I can remedy this by backing off and doing non-specific training until 20 weeks out; That’s long enough specific preparation.

When did my athletic performance peak?
It didn’t.

Did I manage to get my best athletic performance into my races?

No. I have to check my diary, but I think I failed to rest after Dublin marathon. Rather than rest and become hungry for success again I kept training and my enthusiasm tapered off to almost nothing by the time Stockholm marathon arrived.

When is the weather best for training in my area?

Running: April->October
Cycling: April->August
MTB/Cyclocross: April->October
Swimming: Jan->December

What terrain do I have available in my area?

Cycling: Everything but big hills
Running: Pretty much everything

What types of racing suit my personal profile?

Marathon/Half marathon
Half Ironman
Long-distance swim

Do I deeply enjoy the training required to perform at my chosen races?



So – after that, where do I go?

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