Long-ish Run

I managed to do a long run tonight. In order to do that I had to overcome some obstacles – the least of which were yours truly. Because we are schooling-in our daughter to a new day-care my schedule is pretty busy, so the goal of getting out tonight was going to be a difficult one. When the dust settled and I finally got out of the house I was looking forward to a great run – twenty minutes into it I started to fade and then I remembered that I had not eaten since lunch time – nearly eight hours earlier. Luckily I had my flexible friend and stopped into a garage and bought a protein drink and an energy-drink and was soon on my way. Twenty minutes later I was actually feeling god again. It amazes me how after all I have learned in all the years running that I can make such a fundamental error like forgetting to eat. What next – Forgetting to sleep? Forgetting to wear clothes? Unbelievable!
The total for the run was a shade under 18km and because of the early bonk the average pace was 4:57/km even though I was running comfortably at 4:35/km at the end.

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