Not Cycling to Ornas…

I did a test cycle today with the intention of deciding if I was to cycle to Johan’s summer house in Ornas. It did not go well. I started to struggle after only 50km and the 30 km remaining of my ride were torture. This is a big knock to my confidence and the thought of entering Sala HIM in only five weeks seems unlikely. I suspect that I started the ride short on food –  I only ate two meals yesteray despite doing 1:20 of exercise; I was probably 1,000 Cal down when I went to bed… I’m not going to cycle to Ornas on Tuesday, but I shall however atempt to do a 130-150km cycle. Let’s see.

Tomorrow I will swim in the morning and run in the evening. I’m not sure how the swimming will go. Will the push-ups I have been doing play a part in keeping me ‘strong’ or will my lack of swimming make it a -yet annother- humbling morning.

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