Day after…

I’ve been wondering since I wrote yesterday’s small entry: was it a good idea to run or should I have taken a rest and done a proper run tonight – Something I currently don’t feel capable of doing today. Or to put it another way:

  • Is there any point running on tired legs at a pace I never plan to race at?.
  • Is there any point in running with such deep fatigue?
  • Does prolonging fatigue give as much benefit as adding training stress?

If the answer is no – then I have wasted two nights training by running for 50 minutes last night!

After some reflection I decided that I would continue training and take a break later in the week. While, at this stage, any training I do in this is not optimal, I believe that piling on the stress will have non-specific benefits to my overall fitness. What becomes more and more important though is rest – I won’t just recover from this type of stress on just a good night sleep.

The training I decided to do was 60 minutes on the Concept2 down in the gym. I did it as follows:

  • 40 minutes @ 182W/23 SPM
  • 8 x (1 min @ 230W, 1 min @ 130W)
  • 4 min @ 190W

That’s enough for the night. I’m very tired.

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