Low Mojo

Did quite a bit this weekend but felt pretty bad doing it.

Starting with Friday – a sluggish and unenthusiastic two hour MTB ride.

Saturday I did a descent run. 15km taking in most of Ursvik Extreme trail. Didn’t scorch it because that was not the goal. I’m trying to build up distance at my ‘all day pace’ so I’ll be in good enough shape to get around Borås SwimRun on the 19th of June.

Tonight, the third attempt to get out on the bike today, I did the old reliable Färentuna loop. Felt really bad but kept on trucking. Had an average speed of 32km/h for the night so It can’t have been that bad. Mentally though I was not there. I’d like to blame the run yesterday but I think there may be something else at play… Let’s see how things pan out over the next few weeks.


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