The Power Hour

I didn’t manage to make it to the race last night. I thought  it was going to be a zero day on the bike but at 20:20 I decided to get changed and go out on the racer.

I had no real plan so I just made my way north. I did a quick ascent of Sollentuna water tower and got a PB for each of the ascending sections… which was nice.

I then did Vikingavägen north – and got my second fastest time ever. I went as far as the Fresta roundabout and headed back home. Dug quite hard on the hill up Frestavägen and managed my second fastest time ever and then did Vikingavägen south and got my fastest ever time by a very large margin. So my motivation was low yesterday but it seems I’m fitter than I thought.

Keep building – there’s plenty left in the legs.


Got a new 1 min Power PB too – by a very large margin too.

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