Lidingö MTB Repair Update

Finally got all the parts to fix my MTB last night… ended up having to go out and buy gear cable since the old one was pretty badly beaten up. Bought Jagwire MTB Pro cable-housing kit; it’s really an excellent kit. Well worth the premium over the ‘normal’ cable-housing solutions.

Anyway, I started putting the bike together. Hanger, derailleur, cable, chain and finally adjust the gears.

Low limit screw set – easy.
Upper limit screw set – not so easy… I’d set it and the chain would still bounce up and down… WTF says I.

A close examination showed that the large sprocket in the cassette was buckled! I’ll go in to Cykloteket and buy an XT cassette today –   that’s another 550 SEK in damage and another day off the MTB.

The 8 minutes of racing has cost me about 3.000 SEK so far.

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