New Goal?

I’m tired yet very motivated today. A dangerous combination that can at times lead to injury, however, I think I’ll use the motivation to plan a new goal rather than going out and hammering myself and increase my chances of getting injured.

I’ve pretty much decided that I will do Vansbrosimmet – an open water 3km swim in the middle of Sweden. Economically, it is a difficult one to justify: 330km drive, a night in Vansbro, sub-40 minute swim and then the 330km drive home. A lot of time, money and petrol for a short swim, but I feel I can do well, and the question is: is that enough justification?

Goal would be Top 40 (of 2000) – it’s difficult to predict a time since it depends on the current on the day of the race.But I’d like to beat 37:43 since that would get me on my Tri-Club’s Top 5 List; something I’ve had on my list for some time. This is an ambitions goal, since the guy currently in 5th place in the Top 5 is a better swimmer than I’ll ever be, but on a perfect day, one never knows what can happen.

The race is only 7 weeks away – that’s not a long tine considering that my swim fitness is not deep. My speed is pretty good, but my ability to hold that speed for a significant amount of time is limited. Step one is to do a 60 minute test set tomorrow and see how shallow my fitness actually is. From that, I’ll decide whether I focus on medium, faster sets or long swims. I will be going into the test very tired, but the result will still be pretty reliable. I’ll wait and see what comes of it.

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