Collecting Data

I rowed today – instead of the one hour row, I decided to do my goal distance of 15km and collect some data. Said data was then to be examined, from that I could see what I have to do to get the 60 min/15km that I desire. I started out at 178W and planned to hold that to the end. This pace was very easy until about the 42-44 minute mark, from where it got progressively harder and harder. The only thing that stopped me from switching to easy/hard intervals at this point was the pure fact that it was a data collecting mission. As time progressed, so to did the effort required to hold a constant pace, but the value of the data also increased – this is what I got:


Now – I’m not sure what I hoped for. I’m equally not sure what to learn from this… One thing is certain: My HR started at 147 and drifted to 168bpm. This is not good. I reckon that I can hold a HR of 168 for an hour, but if, at the end of that hour I can only produce 178W with that HR then  I am not ging to get anywhere near the 15km since that requires about 205W average for the hour.

Conclusion? I need to find 28W!

That’s not going to come easy. As for how to do it, I don’t know yet – but at least now I know what I need.

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