Race #1 2016

The first race of the year is complete. I now know how my training has improved my performance from last year.

The race was not exactly the right one to highlight my strengths but it showed some strengths and some areas of improvements.

It was a 1km loop. 40 minutes + 1 lap. Last year the group split in two almost immediately and I was in the second group. I punctured after about 10 minutes so have no idea how I would have done.

Last night I held the front group through the first two laps – so that was already better than last year. The first lap was the second fastest lap of the race – 43,5km/h average speed. When you consider there is two sharp corners in the 1km of that lap you can get an idea of how fast that was.

I managed to hang on through more than a few rough moments. There were four or five really tough laps during which I nearly got dropped but somehow didn’t. Finally, after about 30 minutes the elastic snapped and I left the group. That was after the fastest lap of the race – I simply couldn’t recover after it.

The take-home?

I didn’t train those sprints.

Kniv-powerYou can see the 20 and 30 second power intervals where then ones that were outside my trained limits. All others were trained to some degree but they weren’t trained in the manner in which they were required last night. I can work on that.

The good part is that I managed to bridge gaps even when I thought I was stretched to my limit. You could say that I found a new limit last night.

Some movies:

From 13:08 in the one above

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