Hills and Run-Bike

Two days, two training sessions and three activities.

Starting to work on a big overload period. Eight days of overload remaining. Then a rest, a small overload and a 3 day taper.

Today’s session was a 30 minute run directly followed up by 30 minutes on a spinning bike.

The 30 minute run felt good. Solid pace good legs.
I had no pan when I jumped on the spinning bike. I did a moderately hard 10 minutes and then switched into 20 minutes of 0:40 hard, standing, 0:20 easy grinding a very low cadence.

As if that wasn’t enough – and it wasn’t – I then got on the rollers at 10:10 last night and did 10 minutes at  210w + followed by the 0:40/0:20 VO2 max session. To make it interesting I didn’t look at the computer; I just went on time and feel. Numbers were good – a little up and down but no fade throughout the set. Happy with that!It looked like this:


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