Rest then Road Bike

I was extremely tired last Monday. I took it very easy on Monday and Tuesday as a result. The intention was to hit it hard again on Wednesday. Unfortunately the shit hit the fan in work and I missed all training for three days.

Yesterday, with fresh legs, I took the racer out for the first time this year. Just out to Färingsö and home again; a quick two hour blast. I felt pretty good and was giving it a pretty solid effort the entire time.

When I got home and downloaded the effort I was surprised: 32km/h average speed for the day. If I remove the traffic sections from the training curve I get an average speed of 33,5 for that section.

The weather was perfect though. Not so cold. Nearly no wind. I think everyone in Stockholm was fast yesterday. Let’s not chase that average speed for the rest of April now – that will only lead to dissapointment!

Plan is to get out on the bike again today – let’s see if I can manage that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 08.43.09


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