Rest, Ride and Run

I took the day off after my morning MTB session with Johan. Legs were very tired. We had dinner guests on Saturday and I hit the bed at 00:10 and set the clock for 06:00… I reckoned nearly six hours sleep and a 3-4 hour bike ride would be just the ticket. Alarm sounded and I felt pretty dam tired. Nevertheless up I got and started to eat a big breakfast… still tired. Coffee. Still sleepy. I then glanced at the microwave clock -the only one in the house that doesn’t automatically set itself- 05:20. Spring forward time! Had I known when I was going to bed I probably wouldn’t have bothered.

It took at least 40 minutes for my legs to get going on the bike and once they did I felt good. Needed up doing three and a half hours and  was plenty tired afterwards. To top off the long weekend I’m just back from an easy 9km run. 5:00/km – felt good doing so.

Tomorrow I hope to get to swimming with the club. Maybe a weight session during the day too.

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