New VO2 Session

I read about and tried a new bike session today. The day was spend pondering on the gap between what the figures ‘sound’ like and how they would actually feel. My research on the web led me to the following set:

40 x 0:40/0:20 @ 110% FTP

What was I wondering about?
I was wondering if it should be 115% FTP… I felt it should have been but the world wide web told me not to.

Like anything I do, once I committed to the 110% version that was what I stuck with, Until I didn’t. The last 10 minutes were done at 115% FTP.

Overall the session was not difficult. There was never a time that I wished it ended. This leaves me with a conundrum: Do it at 115% FTP next time or leave it as it is. Should every VO2 max set leave you falling off the bike? Amazingly enough, after all these years, all the books I’ve read, the research I’ve done; I still can’t answer that basic simple question.

It looked like this:
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 22.31.31

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