I went swimming with the club again. Once again I left angry. The new ‘coach’ they hired is nothing more than a swimsmooth shill. The amount of equipment on the poolside is embarrassing – even for a triathlete. There is honestly no way to get out of the pool mid-session because of all the shit piled up around the blocks. Pull-buoy, paddles, fins, bands, water bottles and beepers. I ignored the shit as much as possible and kept quiet until I saw the main set: 800m, set your beeper at something speed + 5 etc… I looked around, waiting for people to say – “hey coach, what the fuck is this all about” but no, they each took out their beepers and off they went.

After 12 years it’s probably time to leave the club.

Despite the planned training set, I managed to get a good session done. The 800m beeper set I swam without the beeper and held 1:32/100m – pretty ok considering I’m not swimming very much these days.

Today I’ll probably hit the trainer… try a 40:20 VO2 set maybe,

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