VO2 13s – Very Difficult Today

Did the VO2 session today – the week was rearranged because of home planning so I did the set today. Legs still felt a little tired from Sunday’s long ride. I did a solid warmup and felt good. Starting the first set I also felt good. Unfortunately I think I gave it too much because I started to fall apart mid way through the second, the third was pure survival. Comparing it to the previous weeks sets it looks bad:

Today’s VO2 Max session:
487kJ, av. 230W, NP 252W, TSS 53,1

Previous sessions:
500kJ, av. 234W, NP 255W, TSS 54,9
500kJ, av. 235W, NP 255W, TSS 54,6 * 13×0:30 earlier were 12x
467kJ, av. 235W, NP 256W, TSS 56,5
469kJ, av. 240 W, NP 257 W, TSS 56,1
474kJ, av. 239 W, NP 258 W, TSS 57,2
439kJ, av. 222 W, NP 240W, TSS 54,0

When we take a deeper look though it actually looks like a great session; a breakthrough of sorts. I usually hold back (unintentionally) in the first set but today the first one was the biggest numbers I have hit all year. As a result I faded. I’d like to think that although the numbers of the subsequent sets were lower the fact that I was fighting through an over-extension will give me more benefit than the numbers show. It looked like this:



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