Thinking Some More

I’ve been thinking further on the ‘wall’ I’ve been hitting lately with regards to my cycling performance. From a purely training metrics perspective I have become stagnant. In addition to the stagnant metrics there is also a problem from with the sensations I have been experiencing during the sessions. They feel damn hard!

Of all the methods to combat this I see three leaders:

1/ Keep on truckin’ and push through that wall.
2/ Take a rest – come back fresher and stronger.
3/ Change something (Swap out the sweet spots for longer intervals – 2×20? and Add more VO2 max sessions.)

I’ll read, think and ask my peers over the next few days. The positive side is that my motivation is still good;  there’s no way I could have finished last night’s session if that wasn’t the case. I REALLY pushed through discomfort in that session.

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