Sour Spots

These were not sweet. I started them tired and finished exhausted. I’m not feeling that I’m improving during the last two weeks. The (same) training sessions are feeling as hard, if not harder than previous and the metrics are stagnant.

This tells me that something needs to change. I’ve been following the same protocol for a very long time and I’ve probably adapted to it and somewhat settled into it. It’s time to shock the system and stimulate fitness in another way.

My first thought is to double up on the VO2 max sessions for a few weeks. My legs don’t exactly like this thoughts but I suppose that’s probably the point. So have I just decided what to do? Let me talk to a few people and decide tomorrow. Now it’s time to recover.


Work: 654kJ
NP: 229W
Av. P: 223W
TSS: 61,1
Av. HR: 154 bpm

Splits Today (Av. Power):
234W, 234W, 237W, 234W, 233W

Last Sessions (Newest on top):
234W, 229W, 235W, 235W, 249W
226W, 227W, 225W, 229W, 225W, 242W
236W, 238W, 239W, 239W, 264W
229W, 228W, 231W, 229W, 258W
226W, 221W, 225W, 228W, 246W
223W, 225W, 227W, 228W, 240W

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 23.09.32

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