Keep Moving

Gym again tonight… not planned but my other plans were squeezed out by work. First up was a run – My legs are quite sore from last nights weights so I had no idea how I would feel. Starting out I felt ok and I actually felt better and better as the run continued. After 10 minutes I changed the incline from 1% to 2% and, despite it taking a little more effort to run, it felt better. More stable and it seemed that it made me use my quads more. Hard to describe but I’ll probably be running at 2% from now on.

After that I decided to do a 5km row in the Concept2. Started out very easy and feeling very bad. Just like yesterday it came good and I did the last 2km @ under 2:00/500m. 50 minutes training for the day – enough to count but not enough to increase specific fitness.

Tomorrow is a long sweet spot session and a short swim. Swim is planned during work so I very much doubt that I’ll be able to do it. Nonetheless I’ll plan for it.

Feeling good and making progress.
51 days to Lidding MTB… getting close.

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