Monday – Tuesday

Several things didn’t go as planned over the last few days. Firstly, the spike in ATL I usually observe and experience on Sunday didn’t transpire. As far as I knew my training was as focused and intense as previous weeks but the Performance Curve showed that not to be the case. Secondly, I backed up my Friday-Sunday training block quite miserably. A 40 minute Swim on Monday and a 60 minute gym session tonight.

The gym session was kicked off with a 5km Concept2 warm-up and then leg focus at the gym. It was difficult. I’m back on the free weights for squatting and I really feel the difference now. Legs are very sore.

Tow observations from the past two days. I’ve been swimming too easy lately. Too much time away from the club has caused me to settle into this easy swimming technique. It has been noticed and now will be stopped. Secondly, the power of the warmup. I was feeling bad tonight when I started to row. I ignored it, kept the pace easy and my legs came good. This was the same on Saturday – I felt bad on the bike but did an extended warm-up and felt great. Perhaps it’s the phase of fitness and fatigue that I am currently at. Warm-ups might be necessary from now on.

Tomorrow will be a swim and perhaps an outdoor run tonight. Thursday will be sweet spots… lots of them.

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