VO2 Saturday

Same old Saturday trainer session:
3 x [13 x (0:30 @ 130% FTP, 0:15 @ 50% FTP)] on 3:00 RI but today I added a FTP ping-pong set at the end. 1 min @ FTP, 1 min @ 75% FTP five times. I can’t say it has amy benefit other than adding some TSS to the week… the only real reason I added it was because I missed training yesterday.

Worth writing down here is the fact that I was not feeling good at the start. I honestly considered scrapping the workout for an easier and longer one. Instead of doing that I increased the warmup time and low and behold I stated to feel good. Not only that, I felt better and better with each set of VO2 intervals! How can that be?

Today’s VO2 Max session:
500kJ, av. 234W, NP 255W, TSS 54,9

Previous sessions:
500kJ, av. 235W, NP 255W, TSS 54,6
467kJ, av. 235W, NP 256W, TSS 56,5
469kJ, av. 240 W, NP 257 W, TSS 56,1
474kJ, av. 239 W, NP 258 W, TSS 57,2
439kJ, av. 222 W, NP 240W, TSS 54,0

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 11.03.06

Golden Cheetah makes it look like this.

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