VO2 Max Saturday

Saturday is VO2 max day. It used to be a choice between the 2:00 min repeats or the 30 second repeats.

I read the following study and it seems that the 30 second ones are batter and I also had to add an extra set to my VO2 12s. They are now called VO2 13s. I couldn’t hit 130% FTP which should have been 341W. My peak power for the intervals was between 330 and 242W. It was difficult… very difficult, but I got it done. Soon it will be time to switch up to twice a week. What contributed to the difficulty was that I am using my new FTP.

Today’s VO2 Max session:
500kJ, av. 235W, NP 255W, TSS 54,6

Previous sessions:
467kJ, av. 235W, NP 256W, TSS 56,5
469kJ, av. 240 W, NP 257 W, TSS 56,1
474kJ, av. 239 W, NP 258 W, TSS 57,2
439kJ, av. 222 W, NP 240W, TSS 54,0

Averages for the three sets:
av. P 268W, NP 273W, av. HR 157, Max. P 396W
av. P 258W, NP 265W, av. HR 161, Max. P 352W
av. P 256W, NP 263W, av. HR 165, Max. P 362W


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