Yesterday turned out to be an easy day – the swim was all I managed. I’m feeling a slight itch in my throat and an ever so mild headache. Nothing serious but I’ll put hard training on hold until I’m recovered. Today I will run outside for an undetermined distance at an undetermined pace. The goal is to get moving and not cause stress. The last time I felt slightly sick like this I trained easy and recovered quickly. Time to check if that was a one off.

I’ll report back when I’m done.


I decided to state how I feel before I run:
RHR: 54bpm
Headache: 1/10
Sore throat: Not sore – slight itch feeling.
Tiredness: 2/10
Eyes feel sleepy.
Breathing deeply gives a cold sensation to my throat.
Bad taste in mouth.


Run done.

Took it easy. Ran on feel. Never looked at the watch once.
52 minutes @ 4:44/km, 144 av. HR. Felt really strong all the way… can’t really explain that at all. Pleasantly surprised.



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