Swim – Lift

Monday’s FTP test had me feeling a little sluggish today. With that in mind I decided to go for an easy swim today. I had planned 30 minutes non-stop but was going to allow myself to get out after 20. I started swimming and was surprised at how effortless it was. 40 minutes later I decided I had done enough. 1:37/km average pace wasn’t too bad.

I decided to do a second training session tonight after everyone went to bed. I arrived at the gym at 21:20, did an easy 20 minute run to warm up and then blasted my legs.

Started with descending sets on the leg press machine: 2×15, 2×12, 2×9 @ 100kg, 118kg, 136kg
…then calf raises, hamstring curls and other stuff. I don’t have the gym lingo down at all! Still learning.

TSS for the day was 99,3

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