Run + UBS

That’s upper body strength. I wanted to save my legs for Saturday’s VO2 Max set on the bike so I did no leg work. Another reason is that I have a small problem.

During my treadmill run I felt a slight sharp strain around my knee.
My left knee.
The knee that usually feels a slight strain when I do squats.
The knee that felt one slight strain when I did 48 squats on Wednesday.
Those statements make it seem like I caused this… which I most likely did.
I now feel the sensation -not pain- when I walk down stairs sometimes.

Something is wrong but how do I address it?

Here is my first strategy:

Keep the cycling going.
Replace running with rowing.
Temporarily replace free weight squats with leg press machine… lower the weights.
Add eccentric leg strength exercises to the weight program.

My VO2 Max session tomorrow morning will tell me if my plan is sound. If I survive that set then I know for sure that the cycling does not aggravate my knee.

Same time tomorrow night I’ll know if the strategy is partly right. I’ll review and adjust as necessary.

Catch this early and it won’t be a problem.
Losing a few % FTP now is better than loosing more later.
A stitch in time saves nine.


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